Making a pet from scratch 2

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Here is a link to part one:


If this part I am now raising stats to the new maxed stats and trying to keep my talents of damage as I go.

Hatch one is to try and get a damage talent popping and the stats to raise.

It did well the offspring. So now I am going to hatch it with the new maxed stats again and see if any damages pop. I only train to teen in this part if not damage then trash the pet.

and my offspring did this:

so he got trashed right then and there. I might have to go back to the beast and hatch it with the damage pixie to reinforce damage then that offspring hatch with the maxed pixie again. will try once more in morning with maxed pixie and if it fails then will go beast hatch way.

So 2nd hatch got unicorn at teen so was trashed and first hatch with beast back got mana gift so was trashed but this is 3rd hatch and it did well.

So tomorrow I will hatch this beast with duke riley and if offspring gets damage that one will hatch with new ms for a stats raise again.

took me like 5 hatches before I got rid of defy at teen but finally have a damage one again. So when my timer cools will hatch this one into the maxed pet and anything but damage popping means don't train it.

Latest hatch (sorry for delay in finishing this started back at college full time)

and the offspring:

I tried the maxed pixie a few hatches and defy and sprite are so dominate, I had to use a forest beast and hatch to raise stats. will keep doing that until I am forced to cross with the pixie for stats.

Update 10/31/15
Been going slow am in school but this is the latest hatch

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