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Zafaria? No-Faria!

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Fiona is feeling a little blue. Things are just not going her way the last couple of days.

Fiona finally finished Celestia earlier this week, which was pretty great. Sort of. If you consider 2.5 hours in a dungeon with a Life Wizard who's fumbling just as bad as Fiona. How could I have forgotten that CL bosses cheat? Gee whiz. After what felt like an eternity in a dentist's chair, I was ready to log out, but I managed to do a couple of quest turn ins before logging for the night.

It sounds like I accomplished something, but here comes the problem.

A day or so after, I started looking into The Professor (Dr Who) quests, learning there was one in Zafaria. I wondered when Fiona should be heading there, so I looked up the Zafaria requirements. Level 55+? Check. Main Questline in Celestia complete? Check. Huh, well, that's puzzling. Fiona should be allowed access to Zafaria, right? Not so.

I've checked in several times with Edith Benchley, Merle, and Prof Halstrom, all of which ignore me except the good professor who is hawking his fizzle-rama Lightning spells at me. I've completed ALL quests in Celestia. Yesiree, that means all of them, including the Tomes, the Lizards, and the random side quests that aren't part of the main line. I've checked with the Quest Finder feature in Celestia and Wizard City, both tell me that there are no available quests in that world.

Next step? I filed a ticket. I'm going to put it out there, that 36 hours later as of this post, THAT was less than helpful. Posted a thread on the main forums in the bug section, no responses. I'm an eensy bit frustrated now.

I could very well be the source of the error, but everything I've been able to research online tells me Fiona should be able to get in. So unless there's some secret Zafarian handshake, something is broken. As it is, I'm satisfying myself by finishing out Pigswick and I might do Wintertusk before I get too mad to play without a resolution.

But things are looking up. I ran into MS Brown, which was very cool. Glad I could reconnect with a good, old friend.