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My First Blog Post

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After several weeks of unfulfilled desires of me wanting to tweet something Wizard101-related but not having access to my Wizard101 Twitter (if someone happens to know my Twitter password, hit me up because apparently.... I don't), I decided a blog was the next best thing. I can already tell you this is going to me rambling on about what I'm currently trying to accomplish in the Spiral, but it will probably be amusing, so enjoy :)

If you ever see me gallivanting about the Spiral, make sure to say hi!
(And in the future, when I reference to one of my wizards as "my (insert school) wizard", here's a guide:)

Kristen RoseThorn - Myth (level 100)
Kristen ShadowWeaver - Death (level 63)
Kristen FairyFriend - Fire (level 50)
Kristen WillowSmith - Storm (level 32)
Kristen UnicornRider - Life (level 22)
Kristen FrostFlower - Ice (level 21)


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