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Death Project Part 3

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Being almost done with my thread hatches, I figured I would start on death damage once again. Going for death quad (hopefully) but will settle for triple/proof/defy or fairy.

My triple damage base kept getting GW and would not transfer pain so I ditched it and decided to re-manifest pain.

King Peanut here did very well in test, so I decided to use it as a base.

King Peanut is adult on live. I decided to hatch it with Prince Bubba because the piggle has a nice history of strong pain. Some may call me crazy (which I am o. O) for not just reaching out to ask for a death damage pet and I probably will but I want to try myself first and see if I can get any success before asking around. Would rather not have to bother anyone if at all possible.

The resultant pet was Princess Milo:

This only took one hatch and pain showed up immediately. Yes Balance dealer showed up and proof slipped as well but this is progress already as proof can be hatched back in and Balance dealer can be weeded out. Hatched it back with King Peanut:

Got Miss Shelby:

Death Dealer at teen, Pain at adult. Will hatch back to King Peanut and go from there.

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