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So there is a thread in the off topic section called Confessions and it really got me thinking about myself. I want to post some of my confessions here. I feel like of people actually read these then they should know a little about me ^^
so without further ado here are my confessions.

•I have only a few fears; bugs, heights, being alone, and the pain of dying.
•I have anticipatory anxiety and I miss out on things because of it.
•I sleep with a stuffed animal.
•I "met" one of my best friends and overall wonderful person through Wizard101. We are pretty close, I would say, and we've never met in person.
•I hate valentines day because I think if you truly love someone you should surprise them with little gifts or nice things throughout the year.
•I consider myself an old soul. I love being at home, reading, I have strict rules with women on how to act( generosity, sincerity, listening, etc).
•Despite my overall kind, bubbly, outgoing personality, I have layers of myself that I put up so people don't know the real me. I think only one person even knows a fraction of the "real" me.
•Again despite my innocent, kind, childlike demeanour, I really want tattoos, maybe an industrial, and to dye my hair.
•I am good at making other people feel better because I try to fix everyone else's problems and sadnesses.

So there ya go , if you want to know anything else comment or PM me and I'll let you know. If you want to talk about your own confession PM me and I would be honoured to talk to you about it. It always helps to talk to someone about it :3 Bai

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