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My love/hate relationships with difficult dungeons

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I have completed The Graveyard a total of 3 times now :P the third one being today so it inspired this blog post.

I have a love/hate relationship with difficult dungeons as I expect pretty much everyone else does too. I love that there is some really spectacular gear out there that will make all of my wizards really powerful. I hate that I have to farm such difficult dungeons to get that gear. But today when I was doing a run of the last installment of the truly undying Malistaire, I remember that all dungeons were once difficult for me and once I've run that dungeon enough times, I will figure it out and not hate it so much anymore.

Story time! When I was a level 69 I want to say, I finally got around to going through Waterworks. It was the first dungeon I think I had done with cheating bosses (although this was a long time ago so I could be wrong on the details) and I remember being scared to do anything for fear of forgetting one of the rules and messing it up for everyone else. Now, I know the rules so well I could do Waterworks in my sleep.

I remember when Tartarus first came out and I ran it with a friend. Mind you, there were only two of us which was a bad decision. It took probably upwards of 2 1/2-3 hours, leaving a bad taste in my mouth of the whole dungeon. I swore off Tartarus for a very long time, simply refusing to waste my time with it. Now, after figuring out the rules and learning the typical strategy, It takes about an hour with a good team. Although I might also add that I still haven't gotten the gear that I was farming for :/

And now we have Darkmoor. I maintain that it's a stinking hard dungeon and I really don't enjoy it most of the time, but today I ran it with TAS (thanks guys!) and we finished in about an hour and a half whereas before that run I had never finished it in under 3 hours.

I am really not sure what my point is...
I hear a lot of people complaining about the difficulty of the dungeons and I have been one of them, but I'm learning that #1 complaining won't do me any good and #2 even the most difficult dungeons can be conquered with a good strategy. Maybe that's the point. Rather than just relying on brute strength, it takes a little bit of intelligence. Or in my case, borrowing someone else's intelligence

And I'm happy to report that I got my boots from Malistaire today! I just need the rest of the gear for my ice character and full gear for the other three level 100 wizards I have