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Polymorph just got a whole lot better!

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Well, KI just did an update recently that now allows us to buy, sell, and trade polymorph, and I am excited! In the past, the high level polymorph cards that I received from questing through Azteca were not of much use to me. Now that I can buy these cards for my lower level wizards, questing just got a whole lot better! Now, not all polymorph cards are available to my low level wizards, but three in particular are, and they are pretty darn amazing for different reasons.

Polymorph Jaguar: I love this spell! I was always reluctant to go and buy a life mastery amulet. I feel they are just too expensive, even when on sale. Jaguar has solved that issue for me. This is a great spell for tanking, or for healing your team. With Brilliant Light, Sanctuary, Rebirth, and healthy outgoing healing boost, this card really rocks the healing! It has some attack spells, but I find myself turfing those pretty quick, and focusing on healing the team.

Polymorph Icehorn: This is another spell that works well for tanking. With the high health, and the blades (elemental and bladestorm), and a hex, this spell is great for boosting your teams attacks. The high health (if you are at lower levels) and high ice resist make this guy one tough tank. The access to stun block is a nice feature to have as well. Again, this guy is less about damage, and more about supporting your team. Played properly, this is an excellent card in a team strategy.

Polymorph Pteranodon: This one is for hitting. No question here with the storm blades, feints, traps, and hard hitting storm spells. This guy also has a very high resist to storm, which could come in handy in special circumstances. This guy has the lowest health, so the timing should be right before casting this spell. This is the guy you want to cast if you are in the 'hammer' position.

There are several other polymorph cards available, and many can be bought for a lot less then the above 3 sell for. Another issue is the rarity of these cards. As of late, I have especially struggled to find any Polymorph Pteranodon treasure cards. This might be as a result of people dumping their polymorph cards that they could not bring themselves to destroy. Once they were able to sell, they flooded the market!

I am still just learning how to properly utilize these new cards, but I can see there is a lot of potential for these cards with my lower level wizards in boss battles, or even same-school mobs.

Cheers all!