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I had the random urge to update

-Miranda, my fire wizard, is level 68 in Zafaria. Woo!
-Kristen finally got a decent pet! Spritely, unicorn, proof and defy.

Kristen (Life) also needs to do Castle Darkmoor at some point but I'm afraid to team up. I was able to pull it off with the first two dungeons but I doubt it with this one.
Most of my old friends quit and the ones that didn't don't have subscriptions. It's so sad and I have no one to do dungeons with.

I would give anything to go back to the pre-CL or even CL days. I remember the endless fun and having such a full, active friends list I wouldn't know who to delete to make more room for others lol. Now I have like 3 people to talk to.

Ahh the joys of not moving on haha.