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Making a pet from scratch

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Well awhile back I was talking to Marcuswavetame in the hatchery and he wanted to learn how to make a pet from scratch. Well I am going to to do my best to document all my hatches making a life quint damage pet and then post it on the pet guides so people like Marcus can see just another person's approach to making pets.

So goal: quint life damage.
My stipulation: I never try to use the same pet twice for instance. I won't make another forest beast pet ever because I want variety and there are so many pets to choose from.
I am going to make this on a yuletide spirit pet. My ultimate goal is when this is done to clone it to a life minotaur for my noob life wizard.

So I was looking around my base pets from projects and found these: (for the pain giver/pain bringer pet see first hatch pic, too lazy to upload the uni pic on its own)

* note* The unicorn with pain bringer is on my ice account. I save base pets when working on pets always and throw in my attic so I always know when I start a new project check attics for pets I may be able to use. I used it for a quint ice damage pet so more than likely I might get ice talents popping at some time. The orthrus is on my noobs account, like anyone else I had to use a wizard city pet to get my first pet then self hatch into something nicer, life boon seemed to stick to him like glue. The triple damage life beast was a leftover base pet when I made the mega pet in hatch one pic.* ​###GET life boon and pain bringer on the account making this life damage pet is my first goal###
My first hatch: and baby

At this point I don't care whatsoever what my stats say just as long as I can get the talents popping.
Tomorrow's goal: I need to find the yuletide spirit pet and hatch it over to the account that is making this pet if its not already there.
I lucked out and I had one on Emma's account.

Long-term goal: 1)I am going to have to keep hatching with my other account with the uni for pain bringer until it pops on the main account.
2)Hatch with the noob account until I get life boon popping on the account making the pet.
3)Then I need to start transferring the forest beast onto the yuletide spirit pet until I am able to make a ancient base with 3 damages showing with high stats.

---Little self note to self--- with test realm coming out will can actually get a boost and make dealer 10 not 9 now. That triple base, your going to have to raise the stats to 260 for will when it goes live.

Hatch 2 and offspring *no damage talents showed but that is okay that happens sometimes*

Ok so if you get a hatch like above throw out the offspring and only pets that get damage use. that being said Silverfamgs219 offered her quint life damage pet to me.

this was the first hatch:

Second hatch:

as you can see I got some damage just not bringer showing yet. Well moo wished me luck and huzzah

I now have bringer showing on the right account. Now to start hatching with that orthrus until I get boon popping on Emma.

Hatch 1 for boon and offspring:

So now that all my talents are on the same account woot beans the not fun part comes next. Raising stats and keeping talents.

Well hatch one for transferring talents was a fail got a beast back will keep trying until that seraph is the egg I get so offspring trashed *=*

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