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Where have all the manner gone?

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Pets are awesome. I didn't realize the value of a good pet until I started doing Mirror Lake runs, and seeing everyone's pets healing them. They never had to shield, or drink potions. With that, I set out to get my first pet with Spritely on it! Fastforward many months, and I have amassed a decent collection of pets with some decent talent pools. I owe these great pets to many, many people, so I always eager to 'pay-it-forward'. I especially love helping people whose pets are, by most standards, awful. And that brings me to my next point.

I was in the hatchery this morning and got the old "Tarlac hatch?". I had my universal armament equipped, and noticed that this fellow had a first generation Starfish. Wow! Near and dear to my heart as that was my first foray into trying to get spritely on a pet. I wanted to help this fire wizard out, so I asked him if he wanted a fire damage pet. And since he was a low level, I thought that my triple fire-damage pet with gargantuan would be a great start for him. All that on a Coldfire Dragon, I though that was a pretty great offering. Response: "hmm, fire resist hey?, Do you have a Sun Serpent?". First of all, this guy randomly solicited me. No attempt at a friendly dialogue, and no "please". Not even a compliment, or anything to sweeten me up. Needless to say, I just simply left. The pet I was offering was infinitely better than what he had, and yet he wanted more.

This type of thing happens way too often. I have had people who did not have enough gold ask me to help them farm, others as audacious as to ask me for a timer reset elixir because they did not get my pet, and the list goes on. Now, that is not too say that everyone is like this. I have met many very gracious and appreciative people through hatching. It's what makes me want to keep hatching out. I just wander how so many could be so unaware of how important manner can be? Am I out of the loop here? Is this the new norm? If this is the new norm, I will be working hard to be unique. I understand what it takes to create a great pet, and the amount one has invested in time. I will be using my manners, and demand the same from those I choose to hatch with!