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Getting to know Myth

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Myth. The current 'third wheel' of the spiral. The least often picked guy for the team. Probably the reason I am most drawn to it right now. I am always rooting for the underdog. I enjoy being the black sheep. I am embrace deviating from what is most popular. Well, Myth is just that! Who can blame most people? Myth is a bit of an odd school. One that is challenging to play, especially at higher levels. My Myth guy is currently at level 24, and I must say, I am quite enjoying him!

A big part of my whole strategy with my Myth guy aligns with my current strategy for all of my lower level wizards. Get pips fast, and take out the enemy as quick as possible. This tends to bias my setup to damage and Power Pip percentage. A dead enemy cannot harm you. This tends to leave me lacking for mana and health because of my chosen set up, but this has yet to be an issue.

My gear selection at this level is pretty basic really. I will not spend any time farming bosses for gear at this level. Whatever the bazaar has to offer, is more than adequate. Again, with rings and athames, a heavy bias towards Power Pip percentage. Everything else is secondary. Once I hit level 30, I will be headed straight to Mt. Olympus, but that is for another blog.

Pets are your best friend. This is especially true at lower levels if you want to solo with ease in the lower worlds. My current favorite Myth pet is a Strange Beast with Gargantuan, Fairy, Critical Hitter, and Pain Giver. I am hoping that Myth-Dealer shows up at Mega. A Gargantuan Humungofrog with one or two blades plows through anything. I have actually stalled the progress of many of my wizards to work on pets as I find it make the game a lot more enjoyable with the right pet.

I have not used minions too much yet, but I do feel as though I need to start getting familiar with them. They are a big part of many wizards strategies, and I can only assume that this is for good reason. This is definitely something I will be dabbling with once the mobs and bosses become challenging.

There definitely seems to be a bit of a rumbling in the Spiral right now about Myth. More people are paying attention to it, seemingly on the premise that it is just not that popular right now. Those who love Myth, defend and praise it vigorously. While I am not emphatic about this school, it is definitely my current favorite, and I love talking and reading about it!