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Staggered Gardening

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Staggered gardening. What is it? No, it's not 'stacked gardening' (although I do love stacking!), it is the practice of planting the same seeds, in the same plot, at different times. This came as a result of being energy limited, as well as space limited (gold and treasure cards). I got tired of losing gold mid-harvest or having to run to the bazaar to sell treasure cards. Worse, I was often having to spend crowns to buy an energy elixir to plant my full garden of EMP's, KP's, etc. All these annoyances inspired me to find a different way to manage my gardens.

Almost all of my gardens are medium plot, stacked gardens containing 69 plots. That would require 138 energy points to plant. Only one of my wizards has enough energy to plant such a large plot, and he is managing 3 gardens! To remedy this issue, I decided to start staggering my plantings so that I would have some energy for tending to my plants needs, planting new seeds, and a little bit of pet training to boot!

How does a staggered planting work? Simple really. The one thing that is most important is to ensure that you can plant all three levels of one column of plants. That means, if you do not have at least 6 energy points, you should not plant. Many plants are quite tall, and it makes it difficult at times to plant an empty plot when another plant is protruding through. For ease, speed, and simplicity, follow this simple rule. Now, depending on the wizard I am using, will dictate how many columns I plant in one visit. I typically try to plant about 3-4 columns of 3. That averages out to about 18-24 energy points needed per visit to plant.
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As shown in the picture above, this garden is in 4 phases. Empty, seedling, young, and mature. There was elder plants in this picture, but I harvested them. By planting the garden in sections, it makes it easier to replant while mature plants are still growing. In order to ensure that the plants elder out in stages, it is important to wait until one plant goes from one phase into the next before planting again. For slower growing plants, a 24 hr pause between planting is usually sufficient as well.

I will admit that it is much nicer to just show up, and harvest all your plants at once. I find however that this has solved my issue with backpack space, treasure card space, gold limit, energy limit, and tolerance to boredom (planting 69 plants in one go is really dull!).

So there you have it, my latest gardening idea. Save me a lot of hassle and crowns. I wonder if other gardeners are doing something similar?

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