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It's finally spring break!

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I just love spring break! One and a half week of no school, no homework, and no teachers to "boss" you around. Basically I will get to just sit around and have fun! Well, technically I still have some homework to do because apparently not every teacher think the same thing... Anyway, I have a to do list for myself and it is quite long, at least in my opinion it is. [LIST=1][*]Revise Flowers for My Brother[*]Read the Darkest Power series (again)[*]Farm for life deck and life sword[*]Work on biology research experiment[*]Create a thread for characters needed[*]Work on the life house so I can open a party[*]Download more songs...[/LIST]That's a lot of things to do in just 11 days don't you think?

My next subject will be on an artwork I worked earlier in the afternoon. I drew this for a group I'm in and I very much like it. Or at least I like it on paper rather than after I scan it onto the computer...

[SIZE=1](Sorry for the terrible quality)[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[CENTER]Do you like my drawing? Any critique or rating would be appreciated.[/CENTER]

One last thing, I am thinking of changing my name because I don't like how there are random numbers behind my name lol XD Here are my choices and I would really like if you can pick which one you like the best:

1) FuzzyWuzzy
2) NatureLover
3) Stephanie

[CENTER]Thank you & Have a wonderfull week wizards![/CENTER]

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  1. Potroast42's Avatar
    very nice drawing (and i love #2 on the list of things to do - those books were amazing!)
  2. aliszews's Avatar
    nice drawing i love the reward :P
  3. Jen-jen's Avatar
    Very nice drawing. Its spring break already for you? Mine isnt until the end of march. Btw I saw you on w101 a little while ago. It was weird. I dont think you saw me though
  4. shadowless's Avatar
    lucky we dont have spring break for a while
  5. Andromeda's Avatar
    Nice drawing and Lucky! my school doesn't get out for spring break in like another 3-4 weeks
  6. The Earthweavers's Avatar
  7. cooldude49's Avatar
    woah that drawings amazing (well at least WAY better than i can ever do)! Luxky my spring break isnt for like a month.
  8. taylorwatergem's Avatar
    nice drawing better than me and i get out of school for spring break tomorrow woo woo
  9. Jen-jen's Avatar
    I'm craving spring break... SPRING BREAK WHere are you!
  10. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Thanks everyone [: I think I like the name FuzzyWuzzy too.
  11. sammyboy123's Avatar
    Over here its not spring break quite yet. I just have to get through Friday and guitar lessons and then we head off for a trip.
  12. Jen-jen's Avatar
    Lol I think FuzzyWuzzy
  13. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I still need more opinions on the name choosing.
  14. Potroast42's Avatar
    personally i like your current one, but if i were to have to choose then stephanie
  15. Jen-jen's Avatar
    All random ideas lol
  16. taylorwatergem's Avatar
    i like number one (FuzzyWuzzy)
  17. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I created a poll for those who wants to vote