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Guys, this is something that I need to tell everyone.

I hope that you all understand: As much as I am here for people, there is a certain group that people keep speaking to me of drama within. I had made a post recently in the thread, and explained to the leader of the group why I had posted.

Soon after, it was deleted.

I will say this now: This is not a post to trash-talk at the group, but more towards getting problems solved by actually reporting them.

No less than 5 people in the past month have come to me with concerns with other members in said group. I am a former member, and I've never been a leader. I have no way to solve any problem within the group, between group and leaders. I realize that people need someone to talk to in this time, however nothing will be solved if you only come to me. I am no longer with the group, I have no affiliation with the group any longer, I only have a few scattered friends in the group. It doesn't seem like anybody likes me there anymore. I'm trying to stay well away from the group to avoid extra drama.

I hope that's clear now.

If someone needs someone to talk to, I'm here. But if it involves said group, and asking for help as in asking me to do something for you by speaking to the group? That will not be possible.

I apologize if this has anyone angry at all, or otherwise upset.


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  1. YourToothbrush's Avatar
    I also, considering the things I have heard from the group, do not appreciate others talking about me behind my back. My goal is to avoid drama altogether, and try NOT to get involved with the chaos of the group again.