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Short Story - Tartarus (Revised)

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Same thing as before, but I wrote a little more into it to make more sense of some things.

When we left the High Charity, the High Prophet of Mercy was attacked by the parasite. I knew something was wrong in the first place when that Human ship crashed within ours. I'd overheard a transmission from a human computer's cry, that there were "Flood on the In Amber Clad," but I had not believed it.

The Elites' rebellion, they took our minions. When the parasite attacked my brutes and taken Mercy, I was instructed by the Prophet of Truth to leave Mercy to die. My thoughts became doubtful when Truth let his own brother die. To let the Prophet of Mercy go without what his name is!? I was enraged, angered by it. Looking to my brothers, they all silently agreed with their eyes, however we would say not a word to the Prophets.

We had our plan, our own rebellion when we boarded the Phantom, and came into the atmosphere of the second Halo. We would attack- But what would become of us? When we were to silence Truth, would we be silenced also? My questioning began mental trials. Our capture of two humans- one named Keyes and Johnson, was our key to activating the ring. The Great Journey was to begin, however the Oracle had begun to twist my thoughts in what the Ring's true purpose was. We would either ascend, or we would all die.

After avoiding the Sentinel attacks by coming in from above, we had gone around. There was many an opportunity for the Elites to ambush us, but they chose not to. Their leader, the Arbiter, had found his way in, silencing my men as he came. He allied himself and his fellow Elite brothers with the humans, and took my remaining men out. They recaptured Johnson, but I pressed onward with Keyes.

Finally, the Control Room.

I had gotten there long before the Arbiter had made it to the Scarab. I had Keyes, I had everything I needed to activate the ring- Truth's false words had already persuaded my arms to activate, and they continued to take both keys on the controls, the hand of the human and the Sacred Icon. When I had heard the Arbiter's voice behind me, I knew it was too late to turn back. I had doubted Truth, and I had not the time to deal with my doubts appropriately. It was that time.

"Tartarus, stop," he said.

My stomach began to turn. I knew for sure that he was here to destroy me. Had I not followed my compulsion to follow Truth's false words, I would not have been here, nor let my fate run like it had. I had run a mouth against him, arguing before he said a certain set of words that had me at a stop.

"There are certain things not even the Hierarchics know about Halo than what there really is," Arbiter argued calmly.

When I heard those words, I realized that it must be true. Halo is not what was sought after, but rather a way to die.

Arbiter began to calm me, persuade me to join against the prophets, however Johnson is what had me. He had gotten his weapon, and taken down my shields. Realizing there was no chance to escape, I hurried to the inspection platform, and was at my battle stance.

When I would stand up, I would hear the cries of my men dying to the elites. When I would turn around, my shields had been knocked out already; Arbiter's energy sword had gone through my fur, and I was ready to fall. When the sword would deactivate, I would fall from his grasp.

I had said my last words, "The true words... of a false warrior," before I was silenced.

Those last words I wanted to say: The true words of a false warrior are begun upon his deathbed. May the will of those against me be imposed upon me, for I have deserved it and more.


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