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I find sharing feelings hard, its always been that way. I am kinda losing interest for the first time in wizzy. I know I will be leaving to go back to work soon, just not the exact date. I will be commuting so I have no clue what hours I may be in game or what days. I figure I will be like one of those people I have met in wizzy. You see them all the time then one day its like they vanish and your like wow what happened to them? You might see them occasionally but for whatever reason you guys are on different clocks and miss each other. So you talk and maybe even hang out when you do see them because you genuinely liked them as a person and miss them. Your like wow such and such is on when you do see them and get excited.

Well anyways I stink at feelings so expect wild tangents. I guess I had in my head some vision that even though I might be leaving soon I could make the most of it with friends in game while I was here. 1. they are not logged on. 2. they are off doing other things in game so we never get to do anything together. 3. I like to talk so if no one is on I get bored and just log. Guess what was in my head and the reality are completely different. I hope I don't become one of those friends like I have met where they are like omg such and such is on but feel distant and never port or really talk when they do see me.

I don't know I guess I think of wizzy different than most. Yes I might not ever see you in real life but I will be a great friend even if its only in game. Since no one is on though I find I am losing interest fast. I might log in to quest but after 20 minutes I am like um I am going to log. Or I set out to farm something and I can't commit to that either. I guess I am more a social person then I thought without a friend to whisper to or to have along the game loses its appeal for me. I find I am on less and less.

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