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Question about Armor for higher levels

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Hood: Trader's Wintry Mantle Robe: Unseen Lord's Chill Armor OR Woodland Tribal Coat Boots: Frost Shrine Slippers OR Boots of the Cold Sun Pyramid (You could also use the Thaumaturge's Chill Waders to get your resist up to 55%, but imo its not worth it for the drop in critical block.) Amulet: Gem of the Grand Prophecy Athame: Shadow Spider's Sting Ring: Alpha and Omega Ring Wand: Lunar Scepter of Anubis (Level 100+) OR Hades' Staff of Frostbite Pet: Pain-Giver, Ice-Dealer, Ice-Giver, Spell-Proof (10%), Spell-Defying (5%) (or replace defy with Fairy Friend) In theory, all those links tell you where to get those items, minus the pet talents of course. Ideally, that's 80% Damage, 50% resist (with more to fire and storm), and you can calculate the rest yourself c: