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Housing Ideas

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In the roughly 5.5 years of playing W101, I have had several ideas about what I think all wizards can benefit from (since I haven't seen any posted, and if they were, I missed them), so here are some that I have:

- I am sure I ain't the only one that has had trouble finding that "one" Treasure Card that another wizard on your account has access to, but your current one doesn't.

- And regarding gold, if you go over your level amount there is nothing like hoping W101 would allow overflowing gold (like clothing depending on crown players (80) or full access (120) in your backpack), as long as the 100 slots aren't used up and Mr. Lincoln pops up and reminds you of your loss.

- W101 not up ready to allow the wiz to have more slots in regular or shared bank on personal accounts? Have no fear, cause either Windspar's sister or the Crown Shop would have personal vendors available for gold, instead of crowns for 1000 each.

- Such vendors as Vault (gold), Librarian (Treasure Cards), and Trade (Bazaar); would give options for the Wizard in managing his/her property.

1. Vault Vendor: Has anyone ever found that sought after item, but never had enough gold to pay for it? Been there, myself. The main idea is that when the wizard enters their home, and wants to have somewhere to store it, the personal vendor would offer the options of withdraw (taking out), transfer (shared bank) and deposit (put in). Additional purchases of vendors (up to 4), would increase the amount (whether in transfer or deposit). Some, not all, run through gold in questing that the loss is a crime.
- And to assist from robbers, have the Vault person request the wizard to give up one pet as a pet for the vendor, which would allow him to have access and manage your gold (like Fafnir), but be kind to you or the Vault vendor.

2. Librarian Vendor: How long has anyone been looking for that special card that they wish they could send through their bank for another wiz like clothing, housing items, plants and reagents? The Librarian would be your personal holder of any and all cards you desire not to carry.
- Unlike the Vault, the Librarian would offer to sell them for full value (RESPONSE: I'll take this gold to the Vault for you, young wizard), transfer or deposit.

3. Bazaar Vendor: Not sure how many people have had wondered or hoped to have a trade vendor in there home so they didn't have to run to WC, just to get the full market value of sellable items. This would save time and headaches of jumping and running through the Spiral door to one of 12 worlds at the moment (not counting side worlds).
- Like the Librarian, the Bazaar would offer full value with the same response, or ask if you would desire them to place your other items in your bank (regular or shared).

Other ideas that don't fall inside the home:

- Pet training: Maybe its just me, but I have been desiring to have the option of purchasing the Dance Game from the Crown Shop, but since W101 has the cat vendor in WC offering 2 types of games for the wizzy home, maybe they can provide the option of doing more besides just gardening or customizing the property?

- Hatching: I know it seems a bit greedy, but have I been the only one that wondered why we can't have 3 or 4 friends do a hatching with us? We would still have to go to the Pet Pavilion, but having only five available slots for talents out of 10 seems a shame. Maybe the idea of a shared talent among all the hatchers would be given after the hatching?

Thanks for reading my first post, but these are some ideas I have had about housing.


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