Beautiful Chaos

In the Land of Mooshu

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[SIZE=4]For some reason this world is absolutely fascinating, where cows wear robes, pigs hold giant spear shaped weapons, and horses walk onto two legs carrying swords. In the land of Mooshu, it brings a sense of calmness to the less than urgent main reason for being there. As a refresher, Malistaire causes the Emperor to fall ill and int a great sleep. The land turns to chaos because of the civil wars, ecological problems, and the spirit world slipping away from the peaceful world that it was meant to be.

However in the land of Mooshu this world is a perfect hangout for the people in need of a peace of mind. Some people say it's a terrible boring place that lasts awhile. Sometimes when someone needs to bring out excitement and find entertainment, this isn't the world for that sort of energy. In the land of Mooshu, a peace of mind is worth looking for.

As a player since Beta, I delve into the realm of relaxation because of my chaotic states of mind. No matter which wizard enters the land of Mooshu, there is calmness throughout my mind. I meditate and do yoga when I need to quiet my inner demons. However when my inner demons are angry they have to release it upon virtual kingdoms built from pixels. My inner demons have barely found the meanings behind: moral, justice, order, liberty, and ethical. In the land of Mooshu, the demons understand the logic behind why it's important to save the Emperor. Qualm set in at first because of the urgency that came with stopping Malistaire before he entered Dragonspyre. When looking at the state of civil unrest and ecological problems that the citizens of Mooshu faced, it made more sense to deal with Malistaire at a different time.

I can be total hippy and side with the most diplomatic ways of putting things back to the way they were. Maybe I'm completely insane for saying that my inner demons were conquered by actually taking a deep breath to calm the idea that Malistaire was not the reason for saving the civilians. Rather justice and peace felt more urgent than chasing an old man across the Spiral.

In the land of Mooshu, the poor were taken care of, high class generals protected the citizens in the small towns, but most of all there were spiritual meanings that played a role in changing the failing empire for the better.

Without the peace promoters in this land a wizard would simply turn back to the headmaster and give up. Or he would barge his way into the throne room and take the key from the emperor. In reality it made sense that Malistaire did his fair share of destroying a once peaceful nation into a state of unrest.

In the land of Mooshu, my inner demons were swallowed by the intense relaxation that came with pacing myself. In reality, I learned to breathe like I did back in my yoga class in high school. A class that wasn't taken seriously by my peers became my strength for surviving high school. Maybe I'm crazy and this makes more sense than anything else. Let's face it, I'm not sane by any means, however, an online quiz told me I should have been born a hippy, and another said that I am a Romantic Goth. Whatever the case may be, the land of Mooshu felt like a dream come true for me to find peace when none could be found.[/SIZE]

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