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A Letter to a Future Graphic Design Major

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[SIZE=4]Dear Future Graphic Design Major,

Sometimes art is presented in front of crowds, in a gallery setting where the priority of art is based upon originality and color. Other times statues on the street draw attention to the public eye. One artist stands above the rest when it comes to originality. The concept of graphic design is a modern day technology that is modified and created into the public eye of today. As a future graphic design major, you present your art to your peers without complication. Instead of entering an art gallery for judgement you invented a playful experience for your own creativity. Not just to let it run wild but to give it high definition meaning to the people you wanted to use it for their own personality. Where people see a world in black and white, as a future graphics design major, opened the spaces in between causing a grey area in the spectrum. The simple task of drawing a line upon a canvas exploded into patterns and shapes. Where people saw black you saw pink and possibly all the vibrant colors of the universe. I do not know where this creativity in your brain came from, whether it really was due to your right brain having absolute control is unclear to me. For all I know, you were bored and tried something for the first time in ages expecting nothing in return. Or, if for some reason, you were sad or alone, took a white pixel canvas in Microsoft Paint and drew some flowers upon it was the reason behind the splurge of creativity, I couldn't say, however; there is one thing I do know.

Graphic shops come and go like seasons. I have been a member here since the beginning of time. Where graphics shops die out in the first week maybe month yours stuck around. The nervousness that you encountered at the start of your graphic revelation through life was more than coincidence. You dreamt of the day that you would design graphics for people with plain signatures and avatars. For people that wanted to show off their wizard on the forum, you had their back. When given the chance to play around on a white canvas or a transparent one, there was no stopping the right side of your brain. You mastered the art of filters, brushes, and lighting like none other. You found hues that matched together, that flowed and blended into one another like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

I hope you find out what is in store for you as a graphic artist later in life. Whether you achieve it college now or later or never... it's up to you. Enjoy the artwork you make and I hope you find pleasure in giving artwork to the online universe. Maybe one day your graphic art portfolio will be on billboards at the movie theater or in a public art gallery, or maybe in art museum. Camille take pride in what you do. Let your art not reflect on the amount of customers you receive nor on the amount of orders in the thread; rather take pride in the the concept of artwork.


A former graphic designer[/SIZE]

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  1. Camille's Avatar
    You're making me tear up, lol. This is beautiful. You made my day ten shades brighter.