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Does this happen to other people?

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[SIZE=4]I'm the kind of person who doesn't use acronyms when saying things like "thank you" or "you're welcome". Quite frankly as an uncertain college student looking for a major that is of interest and value to me, I feel that shortening basic phrases doesn't help people with their writing or professionalism in the real world. A lot of you are probably sitting there like "Gothy calm down don't be a grammar freak."

Well to you I say this. My senior year I decided to be a teacher's aid for a freshman English class. I read a paper in which a student typed the word 'u' in place of 'you' and 'r' in place of 'are'. In game people shorten 'know' for 'now'. Personally I can't bring myself to type like an illiterate fool. (I feel this way people who do this you are not illiterate but I feel illiterate typing like that). Because I can't bring myself to type ty or yw or np or thx causes many random people to tell me to shorten what I say. To them I say "no". I know the acronyms of the online universe, I'm in college for crying out loud.

Does this happen to anyone else or am I a grammar freak?
Does anyone ever tell you to shorten your words? Or do people tell you not to shorten your words?
Secondly do you find yourself writing the way you text when you go to work or school?

Like I said before, I don't care if people shorten their words or not. The only thing that drives me up a wall is when people tell me to shorten my own words. I'm a rebel, if anyone hasn't gotten that already, and I will do as I please.[/SIZE]

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  1. Covert Guardian's Avatar
    I will use "txt" short words sometimes when texting on a phone. When I have a full keyboard to work with I stick with normal English. If you can type as fast as you can think, why shorten.

    The other place I can understand it is on twitter since there is a character limit on the messages.

    I agree with you, I would find other people telling me to shorten my words irritating - it has never happened to me.
  2. Willyb111198's Avatar
    Thank you some for saying this! Lets say you cast a heal on some on with 18 health and it Crits... And they say nothing to you, BUT when a friend of theres does it its like THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT REALLY HELPED ME ALOT. So I know where you coming from and please, just say to them if you have 18+ chat "You are SO welcome!"