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Asking For Advice - What Not To Do

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[SIZE=4]As this forum grows there are tons of people asking things about the next wizard they should make or if they should continue playing. I get it, decisions about something mildly entertaining is hard. In life there is always the fork in the road metaphor that pertains to every life decision we ever make. But here, on the forum, this split decision metaphor shouldn't apply.

Think about this for a moment, this is a fansite for a game. Everyone on this site is a fan of the game. Not in the sense that everyone is acting like a little girl going to her first boy band concert to see a bunch of guys dance around and scream about how cute they are. That's not what this site is for nor should it be. It's a mild fansite where people talk about how they've played this game over the years. They bring up discussions about ways to battle bosses and dungeons that are by no means easy. There are ways to discuss helping each other out. However this idea of helping each other isn't right anymore. Many members over the years since the dawn of the game have asked the question which school really is the best. Everyone is going to be biased about it and persuade that person to pick the school based off their main character. How is that honestly helping someone pick something so mild for themselves. I get it for strategies and understanding how best to use a certain character but to ask an entire forum to pick the last wizard slot seems so easy. All you have to do is take the test and figure out what makes the most sense to you. I also understand that in may cases people need to make a decision for PVPing. I get it. But what happened to the good old days when all you had to do was take a quiz and hope for the best result and pick whichever gemstone came up closest to to the top out of all the color options? Why not make a game out of the quiz and that determines your own character. However I get it. Many of us have issues make decisions for ourselves but it's a part of growing up and taking chances. Life is an adventure. It's okay to mess up and learn from that adventure to make the next one better. However this adventure game contains the same storyline no matter which wizard you pick. The game will end the same way no matter which wizard you choose. The cards change, the strategies change, but it's the same adventure. Your wizard's gear changes as you mature. It's life. But we make it so complicated for ourselves that we have to ask each other to pick for us. To make decisions for us. We in essence are asking complete strangers to make decisions for us. What is the fun in that? Is it not better to just put faith in yourself to make a decision? What is the harm in asking yourself to do something to make you happy?

But that's not all we do is it Central? We also ask each other if it's worth playing this game. Do I need to remind you that this is a fansite for people who are fans of a game to come together to talk about a game that we "fangirl" over? Here is why this a terrible idea. If you ask a group of people who are drinking Pepsi why you should have Pepsi over Coke their response is that Pepsi is better than Coke. So why Central, why do we ask other people if it's okay to continue playing or stopping? What are we doing Central? Are we really asking the same thing of those kids drinking Pepsi? Why yes, yes we are. We are being biased because we love this game, duh, why else would we be a member of this fansite, why would we stop playing this game if we're obvious fans of this game.

Instead of asking what ten thousand people would do in your shoes, ask instead what would I do in these ten thousand people's shoes. Would you follow these ten thousand people through the same endless game no matter what wizard you play or move on to find a game in which your game play varies every single quest, adventure, skill quest, etc. Instead of asking for a biased opinion ask for extensive opinion. Put yourself on an adventure through life instead of making others go through your life's adventures with you. Yes we are friends but a best friend would do more than an acquaintance or a mildly close friend who appears from time to time.[/SIZE]

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  1. ~Jason~'s Avatar
    This is probably one of the most composed blog posts I've read with plenty of excellent points and in a way an outside perspective on things. To be honest, I just avoid posts like those. If you can't pick what you want to make, I agree with taking the quiz.

    One side of my thinks it's just a giant attention scam. I don't know what to do or I want forum gold and people to know my name, so I'll make a cliche non-thought-provoking post to rack up forum gold. Maybe I'll add a poll so people are more likely to click on it. Quite frankly, I've hit my limits with this game; it's just not fun anymore. The only reason I still go on is for great people I've met and also to linger on the forums. Honestly, I've met some really great people on this website, and they're way better people than the ones I live around. But that's a different conversation for a different time...

    Also, not everyone is biased. The only problem with this forum is that whenever you try to add a critique of the game or any negative opinion, you're either filtered on it or your forum gold is negated. Which honestly defeats the purpose of a forum. If we can't have all-around opinions, then what's the point? Only presenting the good completely defeats the purpose and blinds others.

    Which, going back to what you stated earlier about the school thing, makes it difficult. People are just going to display all the good things they've done and all the great plans they've made and how they implemented tactics into their playing style. They're not going to talk about any of the faults, just the good -- and not showing both sides can cause things to crumble.