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Power of three

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SO I know I made a power of three WIP thread before but real life got in the way and I never finished it. So I decided to make a blog out of it so if I have to stop for months at a time I can without a problem then when its done make the thread on how I hatch pets.

So that being said I am going for spell proof, fairy friend, death giver, pain giver, and death dealer on a Grim scarab pet. First thing I had to do was find which account had the scarab and hatch it to the one I want the final pet on. It was a first gen but only took 4 hatches to get proof fairy and some how it went maxed stats on me as well.

So the first thing on the power of three is to make 3 adult pets with the combination of the 5 talents I want.

note: I used this base pet to hatch with the scarab everytime and anything but a scarab was trashed. (Princess joey was used initially but but about half way through to mix up the genes I used champ)

so now I am going to use this pet to get the 3 damage talents off of, anything but a grim scarab will be trashed and anything but a combo of either pain giver/death giver/ death dealer will be trashed
I have these 3 pets I failed miserably to get giver on anything but the archfiend. I probably tried the beetle about 30 times getting boon or pain bringer every time before I decided to stick with the archfiend. My next goal is to make 2 ancient pets with a combo of those 3 talents manifested. (by luck test realm let me see I had this little beauty at epic so I did train it to epic instead of ancient and I am still trying to make that second pet now with pain giver and 2 more of my combo of talents.

So I now have to epic ones since the ancient thing got speared by test realm.
so now normally I would hatch these together until I make adult bases again but my gut is telling me train milo to mega so we well see what it gets if not I have been hatching them together and can make my adult ones if he fails. UPDATE: Milo failed at mega with unicorn so tomorrow will start training those backups.\
Out of the 3 I had this one was the only without boon at teen so I hatched it with my epic beetle and at least have one of my 3 adults made.

had a successful second adult pet
now to hatch with the mega one until I get pain at adult and another talent wanted and will be set to finally hatch to mega woot woot

Well I sorta hatched lady midnight with madame buster and got my last 2 talents but I kinda took him to mehga as well and he was my score 5 talents pet. So I guess I forgot to show a step <. <

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