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Hey there...

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Sooo I haven't done a blog post in a while...I have a few updates with myself:

-I have rejected my blue hair and am wearing a wig 24/7
-I am level 25 on my Diviner :D
-I have my permanent sig+avi, thanks so much for the incredibly amazing graphics, @Camille! My permanent profile picture was beautifully made by @Princess Anna
-Along with my new wig, I'm wearing Archangel's robe and elegant shoes as a regular style and I'm disgusted with myself
-Scar has a new, less dressy, style too; whimsical hat (w/ ice designs), pirate's garb, and elegant shoes (soon to be w/ a design), they are all black base light blue trim
-I'm starting a new character, and I have no idea what her name will be, though, so if anyone wants to volunteer a name, that'd be great (I'm planning to have it be like Fallon, no last name)

This is totally non-wizard related, but I got straight A's ^^"

I think that's all. So pleaaaaaaaase someone give me an idea for a name? Thanks :DD

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