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Heyo people-o
So the other day this guy was in the hatchery and he a myth sprite. He was asking people to hatch and when he came over to me I was thought to myself, I could say no and be on my way but I know how he feels. Everyone has to start somewhere with pets and I should help him. So I hatched with my dragon with Proof, Defy, Fairy and Balanceblade. I got a myth sprite back and I was going to trash it but I was like "Huh maybe I should improve it."
So thats what I am doing. I am working on the second sprite, the first one got sharp shot and defy. The second is at teen and it has sharp shot. Now its really funny being in the Hatchery looking for someone to hatch with and they take one look at my myth sprite and there like lol nope. And it gets me thinking that people are waaaayyy too selective with who they hatch with. Like most people with desirable pets are in the upper levels and farming is not really a problem. Now if someone is being utterly annoying about hatching then thats one thing but if someone who comes in and is being sincere, I think, that they shouldnt be turned away so quickly. Everyone was at that point where they had a terrible pet and that they needed someone to help them, and if everyone turns down those people with not so great talents then where will they ever be?
I guarantee that I am guilty of turning down someone because of my own personal problems but that hatch really got me thinking of how rude some people can be. So I think people should just take another thought before turning down someone. (Disclaimer: I am not saying you should hatch with everyone who asks you, i.e. those annoying people who are like You. You Hatch with me now, but just think a little beforehand.)
I just kind of wanted to talk about this =3 Thanks!
Cya later,
Naytonaye Soaring Red Eagle AKA Nathan

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