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happy 3am survey time

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[CENTER][COLOR=#444444][FONT=Helvetica Neue][B]About Me[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Helvetica Neue][I][B]BASIC:[/B][/I]
[B]Name[/B]: Lydia
[B]Nickname(s)[/B]: Dia
[B]Gender[/B]: Female.
[B]Age[/B]: ??
[B]Birthday[/B]: Somewhere in October

[B]Favorite Color(s)[/B]: grey
[B]Least Favorite Color[/B]: pink, yellow, orange..
[B]Favorite Food[/B]: do reeses count?
[B]Least Favorite Food[/B]: Mexican food, mostly tacos.
[B]Favorite Band/Artist[/B]: Crown the Empire, Krewella, Blackmill
[B]Least Favorite Band/Artist[/B]: um
[B]Favorite Type of Movie[/B]: Romantic, Romance/Drama, Romantic/Comedy, Drama, Drama/Action, and Action.
[B]Least Favorite Type of Movie[/B]: Horror, Comedy
[B]One thing you can’t get enough of[/B]: probably food or league
[B]One thing you hate more than anything[/B]: copy cats & fakes
[I][B]LOVE LIFE:[/B][/I]
[B]Are you single[/B]? Slightly..
[B]Do you have a crush on anyone right now[/B]? its a mutual thing.
[B]Do you flirt a lot[/B]? what is that
[B]Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten[/B]: my best friend gave me 105 reeses for xmas this year
[B]Do you believe in love at first sight[/B]? Yes.
[B]Do you fall in love fast[/B]?lolnowhatislove
[B]Do you ever make the first move[/B]? I’m afraid to, so no.
[B]Do you want to get married[/B]? In the future haha
[I][B]ARE YOU. .[/B][/I]
[B]A daydreamer[/B]? way too much
[B]Shy[/B]? unfortunately.
[B]Talkative[/B]? no.
[B]Energetic[/B]? nooooooo
[B]Happy[/B]? depends
[B]Depressed[/B]? seasonal.
[B]Caring[/B]? Yes.
[B]Trustworthy[/B]? Depends on the person too.
[B]Confident[/B]? I can be if i really force myself.
[B]Friendly[/B]? Oh yes unless you anger me.
[B]Sarcastic[/B]? lots.
[B]Dependable[/B]? Well….
[B]Adaptable[/B]? Maybe.
[B]Emotionally strong[/B]? Depends on the person & situation
[B]Religious[/B]? Nah.
[B]Indecisive[/B]? always.
[B]Outgoing[/B]? lol
[B]Nosy[/B]? lolmaybeprobablyya
[B]Lazy[/B]? lololol
[B]Artistic[/B]? if i'm not lazy
[B]Serious[/B]? Not Really.
[B]Thoughtful[/B]? eh?
[B]Considerate[/B]? Yes.
[B]Romantic[/B]? wanting to punch my boyfriend is my try at romance
[B]Obsessive[/B]? only bc bands and fangirling
[B]Sincere[/B]? Depends.
[B]Tolerant[/B]? nope.