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[CENTER]now i've been here on central for a long time, dormant or not. I've always had an avid part in the art community when i'm active on this site. There are certain people on here who I have a lot of respect for. They go out of their way to learn how to increase their ability in art by learning new things.

and there is the leaches. Now that might be a tough comparison for people but i feel like its almost true. I see so many talented artists on this site putting out tutorials, trying to teach others. But there are some people who latch onto the style the artist is trying to teach. They use that style, and end up gaining popularity for something that isn't their entire creation.

Tutorials are not meant to be used constantly over and over. They are meant to teach someone a few tricks, and then have the rest of the thing come out on your own. If you want to follow it word for word, cool. Just don't base everything you do, after that. It really isn't your style. It's really irritating for me to go into shops and be like oh so this is "" style.

My advise for those who were struggling is to KEEP struggling. It makes you work harder, and it makes you better. Maybe in a few months, you'll have a superb tutorial, and having other people copying you. That'll never happen if you don't go away from other's art and try things on your own.

that's really my two cents on art and this site really, because its the same people reusing a few people's technique.

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  1. Dots's Avatar
    ayye preach it
  2. Fearless's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dots
    ayye preach it
    aha so i'm not the only one whose been noticing it either
  3. Dots's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fearless
    aha so i'm not the only one whose been noticing it either
    Not at all. Like I get when people will copy someone else's style once or twice because they like it or want to learn how to do it, but to use that style exclusively and then call it their own is sad.
  4. aquatiger975's Avatar
    Glad that you posted something like this-I thought no one ever noticed such a thing. ^^
    The art community is really in a slump-hanging onto styles that are popular and very easy to do(especially drawing). Although I guess some of these people are fairly young in age.