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I haven't posted here in forevah D: I decided to stop the person of the week since I really don't have time for it x.x I'll post here occasionally but I have a lot to do, like run a clan, be active in two other clans, write some articles, check on my moshi monster, check youtube for new videos (have you seen Saturday by Rebecca Black??) and that's just on the comp...I also have music lessons irl and don't get me started on school...well yeah gtg for yep music lessons.. so yeah I'll post here occasionally.
Thanks! (:

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  1. Lady Fall's Avatar
    I forgot, if you haven't seen Saturday by Rebecca Black, don't. It's weird...personally Friday is better ^^"

    AND I SAW I HAVE 2 VIEWS OMG THOSE TWO VIEWS YOU GUYS ARE LIKE, SO AWESOME! Give yourself a pat on the back because you are too cool for words (: