Familiars: A Love Affair

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In all my years of wizarding, I haven't really explored the possibilities of pet genetics. Sure, I've dabbled here and there, especially when my expert pet breeder wizard friends offer hatches with choice pets. I was generally satisfied if my pet might cast Spritely or a blade on occasion. But I just didn't have an interest in all the hard work of keeping track of the long-term outcomes of various hatches, until now.

Recently, the urge to HATCH has overtaken my wizarding moments, and I find myself obsessing over a few specific hatching goals. It all started with the success of hatching a perfect familiar for my Necromancer. Prince Harry, Ghost Dragon is Moira's forever companion. He was the result of my casual hatch with my first Ghost Dragon, Lily, and Sister Allison's Spiritual Dragon. Harry has Fairy Friend, Spell Proof, Spell Defy, and Paingiver. I haven't had the courage to train him to Mega, lol. But he's such an amazing helper that I'm inspired to create the perfect familiars for my theurgist, pyromancer, myth, storm, and hybrid wizards.

Oh boy, I had no idea of the possibilities, the challenges, and the patience required to achieve the perfect familiar. It's going well, but I need some help to refine my efforts. I've begun to accumulate large numbers of partially successful pets and total fizzles, and I'd like to reduce the number of fails I produce to achieve each preferred stat. Here's what I've got so far:

Mocha, Primal Wildclaw, Life, drop from Cronus, is my recent success with hatching the original wildclaw and Prince Harry. She is Alexandria's (Myth) pet :D
  • May cast fairy
  • May cast unicorn
  • Spell proof
  • Death damage boost

I'd like to exchange the death damage for Paingiver or Defy. I really like the form of the primal wildclaw. Mocha has beautiful markings on her back, wrists, and ankles.

Jasper is Iridian's (Life) current pet. He's a life bat hatched from an original dropped bat and my friend Brynn's exquisitely perfect ice kitty. Jasper is our first hatch result.
  • Batusi card
  • May cast Spritely
  • Life shield
  • Pips o'Plenty
  • Spell Proof

I'd like to exchange the Life shield for Defy or Paingiver, and add Fairy Friend as the 5th talent. I'm pleased with the life bat form, but wouldn't mind an alternate form of a life-themed dragon.

Beau is Isabella's favorite pet. He is a big ole wolfhound I got from a hatch with my Baby Scarodactyl and Eric Stormbringer's wolfhound. I was really lucky to get the dog, which was my primary goal from the hatch. The ideal Beau will be Isabella's PvP pet, so he needs some refinement to provide at least:

  • Fairy Friend
  • Unicorn
  • Pips
  • Defy and Proof

Isabella is almost Captain in low level 2v2, and she encounters increasingly higher level wizards in matches. My goal is to help her to become more self-reliant for heals and resist, and to increase her power pips for early and frequent Tempest casts.

I'm worried that hatches will lose the wolfhound dog form, which I really want to keep.

Pepper is Scarlet's best pet so far, the result of a hatch with Darth's perfect Strange Beast and Scarlet's Firezilla. She's a firezilla, which is OK, but she really needs to give Fairy Friend to boost her usefulness. She currently has:

  • Fire Shot
  • May Cast Fire Shield
  • Fire Blade card
  • Proof

I'd like to replace the shield with Fairy Friend and add Defy as the 5th talent. If possible, I'd also like to turn her into a Heck Hound. I have yet to hatch a Heck Hound between Pepper (zilla) and Angel (Heck Hound). I'd not mind a uniquely marked, fire-themed hybrid hound.

Taryn, my hybrid Life/Fire girl, is my favorite PvP wizard. She's very good at mid-level 1v1, and was a Knight in 1st Age. Her familiar, Maya, a Hotzilla, is the 3rd generation result of a purely casual hatch a couple of years ago. LOL, I don't remember which pet I used in the original hatch, but its mate was a Hotzilla. I was thrilled to learn that the first generation hotzilla may cast life blade, which helped immensely with battles at early levels, since Life doesn't get a blade until much later than other schools. Maya is the result of a hatch between my 1st gen hotzilla and Darth's Burnzilla. She has:

  • Pips O'Plenty
  • May Cast Life Blade
  • Balance Blade card
  • Fire damage boost
  • Proof

I'd like to replace the pips with Fairy Friend, and add Defy as the 5th talent. Look-wise, I would like a bat, cat, life beetle, or unique form of zilla (kinda tired of the red ones, though).

Rowan, my legendary balance wizard, is super fortunate to have a 1st generation Judgement pet who may cast Spritely. I'm thinking of trying to upgrade the Judgement to also cast Fairy Friend, Unicorn, and to have Spell Proof.

I have a 28 plot EMP garden to fuel all this hatching, and an unlimited stream of gold to fund the them.

Can anyone offer me some suggestions for how to achieve my perfect familiars? I would be grateful for the shared wisdom.

ISO the Perfect Familiar,

Qbb, Human avatar

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