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still with me

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[CENTER]so um hi
i haven't really been arounnnnnnnd here lately but hi
things have been crazyyy
over this summer i've done a lot like
I went to florida for 2 weeks
that was fun #no
When I was in FL, I was able to attend Warped tour
I saw:
Crown The Empire
Sleeping With Sirens
Woe, is me
Tonight Alive
Memphis May Fire
Hands like Houses
The Used
We Came as Romans
okay I saw CTE at their merch table and almost cried because how close they were to me. fangirl i know. it was literally the best day ever
then I came home and started to get ready for college woo
I moved in on the 19th so that would be about 2ish weeks ago that i've been there. My first week of classes were last week. I've made a lot of new friends which is cool and I joined a club.
For you'll never guess what..
league LOL
but its really cool, me and some upperclassmen are going to be playing against other colleges.
um so our dorm gets dirty everyday and so we're constantly cleaning. I have people over almost everyday and my roommate and I don't hate each other yet
We got a room with a small kitchen, and bathroom which is really nice except my loft bed doesn't have a ladder so I've had to climb down every time its not fun lemme tell you.
We're also really depressing our color scheme is black and white
Just kidding we're not
but its been so hot and humid here so you want to die
i've been home for the weekend, I go back on tuesday. i've missed my dog she missed me we're one big happy family
I dont know where i was going with that
I hope all of you have a great year, you'll do great

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