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Crafted Furniture Items in Hoard Packs

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[COLOR=#ffa500][FONT=comic sans ms]With the release of the new "Islander's hoard pack" a large amount of crafted items have been added as rewards from the pack, and thus made accessible in the bazaar. I feel somewhat strongly about this issue and felt the need to share my thoughts on it through a blog post, here is what I had to say in a recent thread about [SIZE=2]the new pack;[/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am so sick of them putting all these crafted furniture items into hoard packs, its absolutely ridiculous and makes crafting furniture items no longer worth the time, effort, gold, & reagents we put into making them. Some say it isn't an issue because we have to pay crowns to buy the packs, but with many who buy the new hoards selling the crafted items they get at the bazaar it makes the items accessible to everyone in the game and within a few days there will be nearly a hundred of these once rare and unique items available to everyone including non-crafters in the bazaar to be bought simply with the click of a button while the rest of us once collected rare reagents and farmed for countless amounts of gold to craft them rather than walk over to the bazaar to buy as many as we liked in a matter of seconds. I worked my way through all those crafting quests in order to gain access to all of these amazing recipes accessible only to crafters because there simply was no other way to get the items. Now that so many of the items have been put into hoard packs and thus the bazaar I struggle to see how all my work was worth it. I feel that if someone wants these items they should have to put the work into getting them just as all of us crafters have in the past, no one should be able to get these items in the bazaar or through hoards. They are special & unique and that is why we put all the work into crafting them. KI putting them into hoards has made all of our hard work utterly pointless.[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]With today's release of the new Islander's Hoard Pack I have seen the crafted Crab Lean-to, Wall Starfish, Coconut Drink, & Water-mole torch all through one quick look through the bazaar. These are all items I have crafted at some point and items I was now easily able to buy at the bazaar just moments ago. Now that I know so many of the best crafted & rare items will likely eventually be readily available at the bazaar I find that there is no point to put all that time & effort into crafting them until KI finally decides to stop putting these items into hoard packs. Personally I don't mind hoards, I typically avoid purchasing them because I get nothing but garbage every time, but this is something I have a major problem with.

In response to a post on this thread, I added some more thoughts on what should be done with the issue of crafted items in hoard packs;


My response:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]This is basically the exact response I was hoping to avoid, my whole point is although people have to spend crowns in order to sell the items to the bazaar, selling the items makes them accessible to players who have not spent a single crown on the new pack. Players are not going to buy packs to obtain a crafted furniture item because there are so many who could not care less about furniture who are only buying packs to get the mount and thus selling every crafted item they get at the bazaar. Yes, adding crafted items to the packs can make them somewhat more desirable but within a week when they become common no one is going to want them anymore and they will be just as in demand as items sold from your typical WC furniture vendor. Instead of KI putting crafted items into the packs I don't see why they can't create new, unique, no auction, furniture items accessible only through buying hoard packs. Items such as the no auction bobble heads which you can only get if you pay for a pack, all of us furniture collectors will then have to spend our crowns to purchase the packs rather than buy the items in the bazaar. That would be significantly more profitable for KI rather than adding crafted items into the pack. I don't see why I would want to say I crafted the item before it was added to the pack, this is not about trying to prove whether or not I crafted the item this is about the item losing its entire value, rarity, and uniqueness from being put into a hoard pack, telling someone I crafted it will not bring that back and will not reimburse me for all the work, time, reagents, and gold I put into crafting it. You said it yourself: "it's one of the best parts of the game-searching and collecting reagents to make unique objects" that is my exact point, I want to search and collect reagents to make UNIQUE objects, them adding these items to the hoard packs no longer makes the item unique and thus makes them not worth searching and collecting reagents to make. Why would I put all the time into crafting a now worthless item when I can make a quick run to the bazaar and buy it within seconds. I am not worried about wasting my reagents as I said many times its about the item losing its entire value, my goal here is not to boycott crafting, I just want to craft items I know will not eventually lose their value. I don't think that is too much to ask for. You seem to be completely avoiding the fact that these items are available in the bazaar, no I am not going to spend "around 5,000 crowns to get it from a pack" I am going to march over to the bazaar and buy it with gold. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I just need to get my point across in hopes of having even the slightest effect on the items KI chooses to put into hoards.

What are your thoughts on crafted items being put into hoards? Do you think its no big deal or are you totally against it as I am? Comment any thoughts below :)[/FONT][/COLOR]

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