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Ok in the last week I have had 3 people offer me gifts in game. Why are all the scammers in pet pavilion these days?

I had one person stop me at the dance game and wanted to give me tc I said no ty and they kept talking to me when I came out of training I hit ignore.

I had another find me in the hatchery and I did not have anything eqipped for a pet and they said I will give you tc Erin so you can hatch the tiki pet. I was like woah omg I am on a Autumn named wiz how do they know its me? Then I hit ignore and was totally freaked out.

The last one was last night I was talking to David DragonFlame and some guy said in the hatchery said add Fred Erin. I was like no ty. Then I left and he whispered to me I would have given you megas and elixirs and packs. I hit ignore and did not respond but woah what is up with these scammers taking over pet pavilion and the hatchery?

I can hit ignore all day but I bet someone actually friends them and that is a shame.


  1. DeathHeart026's Avatar
    Yeah, i was gonna give this one dude a few tc and when he said what i want he left and went to a different server. I Dont Understand people these days. My name is Mason DarkHeart if you see me i will say, one day, i got on and then all my cash and gold was at 1 and i had 23,890 before i got off last, who did it!
  2. tsmcguire982010's Avatar
    okay i agree with ya 100% the scammers need to leave. i got asked so many times for gifts i just lost count,
  3. monkeylaser4's Avatar
    Its sad how the people who get scammed are actually buying it! I try to stop them and i actually have saved some but they never listen and i get reported. No fair! The scammers should get reported!!!!