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one that understands how to love more patiently

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[CENTER][COLOR=#000000]Yes, I know this is extremely late
I reallllly don't care
My life has been busy sososoo i don't really know what to tell you all if you're like omg dia.
First of all,
i'm going to cover prom, graduation, and some of summer.
it's going to be decently long and if you dont care then dont read some of it but its just an update since thats all I really do unless i find a tag i like or i get tagged.
okay now moving on
my prom was on may 29th, and for some people thats actually really late. it was nice though because it was warm enough for dresses and you didn't need a shaw or anything to cover. On that day, we had grad rehearsal and it started at 8 and of course i woke up at 7:56 and if you don't go, you can't walk. so i literally rushed to school and made it by 8:20. i was lucky enough to not miss anything. So yeah, after walking around with my poopface boyfriend guy thing. yeah we're complicated, I went home, took a nap. i mean, i sleep so much lol, everyone needs a naptime. anyways, yeah, i went to get my hair done. got it curled and it was half up/half down. nothing too exciting. when i got home, i had to rush around because it was late and he was coming to get me soon and we still didn't get his bootineer(its the little flower the boy wears on their suit tux thing) and i had to do my makeup and of course i was imessaging kat during the whole time. i'm pretty sure she told me i looked pretty. and then he came over, and we took some really awkward pictures, which i showed kat too.
Prom overall was fun, a little overrated if someone tells you its the "best night of your life". I didn't really like the music, it wasn't current. I requested clarity by zedd and they didn't play it. i was so upset. They had a free photobooth which i went in twice. and the food was excellent, like omg. breadsticks, italian food, omg. i'm getting hungry thinking about it. i'm going to save the details on dancing, any teenage kid who goes to a high school dance can figure out what went down ;)
was bittersweet, really. it was the last time i'm going to see some of the people i highly dislike and that just hits you like wow. i'm done with them, i can finally move on. the day went on relatively smoothly and i didn't trip when I walked :)
that's always a good thing because my heels were over 3 inches tall because i am a shortie.
we had an all night party the same night, which was fun for like the first hour, and then things got boring. I won a subway gift card out of it though, which is always nice except i stopped going to subway months ago so i guess i'll just go buy a lot of cookies.
I was up till 3:30 in the morning aha
and now summa time-
unlike a lot of people, i've been on summer vacation since may 23rd. it's been really productive, i've seen a lot of my friends, gotten to eat a lot of food. I passed every single final of mine, 4 A's and 1 B. I'm incredibly proud of my 100% on my pre calculus final. Thats a toughy to do.
i've been to over 5 grad parties(i've had like 4 on one day it was crazy) and eaten a loooot of food. Mine is this saturday and i've already received a few cards and what not so thats always nice
I also received my move in day
-drum roll plz-
(you really dont have too but okay)
i'm moving in on August 19th
classes start on the 26th
i'm nervous
i'm excited
i'm all of the above

I think thats about it
everyone have a great summer,
and i hope its going well so far,
stay in touch,

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  1. Astraes's Avatar
    i didnt tell you you looked pretty.
    i said you looked gorgeous. get it right.