Hello Again..

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Yeah, uh, hi. I just read my last blog post which was a super long time ago and I said I'd be back. *Edit - almost 9 months ago!

I lied. But I think I'm actually back for real this time, lol.

In my last post I said I was going to figure out how to change these blog colors. I still haven't done that.. They changed the forum layout (or whatever) a really long time ago and I'm still trying to figure out some of the little things like this, I feel so pathetic haha. *Edit #2 - Okay, got it. Sort of. The title of this post is black. Whatever. xD

Things are so weird around here now.. Lots of unfamiliar faces. The people I used to always see around here seem to have ended up just like I did.. goneeeee. It's sad, but I guess everyone moves on at some point.

Hmm.. I'll be out and about I suppose. Whoever wants to talk to someone can feel free to VM me at anytime, I'm lonely! :p

I'm not in-game that much, but my wizards are Kristen StarGem and Miranda. So yeah..

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