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[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Helvetica Neue]if you do this, please abide to central's rules. i've taken out some questions but i'm also using my central best friend xx[B]

What is your best friend’s name?:[/B][B]Kat[/B]
[B]How long have you known them?:[/B] over a year
[B]Hanging Out[/B]

[B]How often do you hang out with them?:[/B] We try but its kinda hard ya know
[B]What do you like to do for fun?[/B]: Eat. breathe. make art. talk lol..
[B]What is the best memory you’ve had with them?:[/B] the 5 times it took us to get our best friend tag done, so many laughs omg
[B]Have you met their family?:[/B] via imessage
[B]Do you like their parents?:[/B] yes
[B]What about their siblings?:[/B] her brother is a little... yeah hi :) he's okay sometimes
[B]Have your parents met?:[/B] nope
[B]Do you guys argue a lot?: [/B]not really[B]Have you ever said “I love you?”:[/B] yea
[B]What do you really think of them?:[/B] she's a cool cat aha. i think people would like her more if they got to know her as a person and not by what she posts on here. She's a great friend when it comes to anything and if you have a problem, she's always there to listen
[B]What is your favorite thing about them?: [/B]HER EYES
[B]Who Is…?[/B]
[B]funnier?:[/B] i would like to say me but she's pretty great too. so i guess i'm funny in my way and her way.
[B]nicer?:[/B]we both kinda hate people so.. yeah not kinda, we do hate people
[B]smarter?:[/B]again, why am i comparing myself to her? She's a just as smart as me just in different areas
[B]prettier?: [/B]her, deffff her. i think i'm gross lol
[B]can sing better?:[/B] we're both rockstars be jelly bro
[B]can dance better?:[/B] again, rockstars
[B]has a cuter boyfriend?:[/B] MEMEMEMEME ME
[B]has nicer parents: [/B]her def
[B]talks more?:[/B] her, i can be quiet a lot of the time
[B]What nicknames do you have for them? [/B]Kat, poop,
[B]What nicknames do they have for you?:[/B] Dia lol..
[B]What is their most overused phra[/B][B]se?:[/B] LOL or like emoji. but i love emoji so its okay if you do it right
What annoys you the most?:[/B] when she complains about how i dont text her back lol
[B]What do you love the most?:[/B] the selfies i get
[B]Do you ever miss them?: [/B]of course xx
[B]How did you know you guys were best friends?:[/B] it just kinda happened as we started talking more
[B]Hair color:[/B] brown
[B]Straight hair or curly hair:[/B] straight
[B]Body type:[/B] she's like a medium height, and really skinny.
Eye color:[/B] blue
[B]What is their favorite…?[/B]
[B]TV Show?:[/B] tv, what is tv? i dont know, i dont watch tv therefore we dont really talk about it LOL
[B]Movie?:[/B] Disney movies. duh

[B]Food?:[/B] hm.. she eats so much.. idk

[B]Sport?:[/B] does blogging count? lol.

[B]Color?: [/B]pretty sure its pink
[B]Hobby?:[/B] blogging
[B]Song?:[/B] she's really into indie and sometimes pop music. I did get her attached to crown the empire
[B]College: [/B]she's not there yet


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  1. Astraes's Avatar
    omigosh, im like crying.

    fave part:
    What nicknames do you have for them? Kat, poop,
  2. Fearless's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Celeste
    omigosh, im like crying.

    fave part:
    What nicknames do you have for them? Kat, poop,
    i realize how bad that sounds when you put them next to each other