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[CENTER]Something is wrong here... is that a rat on my head?

[I]No... I thought it was.[/I]

[B][U]The Hairstyles[/U][/B]
Okay, so, it's been a long time since these burrows came out and I think I probably should have reviewed these earlier, but I'm lazy and only do these reviews when I feel up to it. But jeez Kingsisle, these are hideous...

[I]I was totally doing this. Except we're not bald. (But I'd rather be.)
I'm real lucky I got one in a drop, but I would not have spent a single crown on this "hair." Reason being, it looks, really, really, bad. You might have a different opinion on the "hairstyles" and actually like them, so that's fine, but I know I am not the only one who hates these hairstyles, because they are one word, UGLY.

There's really no other word to describe what I think of these. Ugly, bad, horrific, scathing, it's just a waste of money, no matter how cheap it is. The only one I might consider wearing is the Martlet because of the goggles, but I wish there was something like sunglasses because the goggles look way to cartoony and tacky for me to be prancing around in.

Don't even bother wearing these hairstyles if you are a girl. Kingsisle didn't bother changing the design for the ladies and that's a really bad thing, because it literally looks like you shaved off the hair of Justin Bieber and glued it onto a bald woman.

So, yeah, stay away...

Grade: D-
(I will be nice and give it a barely passing grade)

I think Kingsisle got the idea of hairstyles right, but the execution is beyond bad. Someone at the design team for our accessories needs to step it up, because it's not just the hairstyles that look like rabies, it's most of the clothing design lately that also looks embarrassingly bad. So even though I hated these, I am open for more hairstyles because it's a good idea and I want to see good hairstyles. Maybe if it looked better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren
    that doesnt even looks like a rat.
    uh ok
    i do believe i didn't really mean it looked like a rat
    but uh ok
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