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[CENTER]I procrastinate a ridiculous amount.


I love wing mounts. I have the Swiftshadow, can't get crowns so I spam getting the Seraph rental with gold, want the Dragon Wings really badly but couldn't get them from a Dragon Hoard when I HAD crowns, and another wing mount comes out, which is cool and sparks an interest in my syrup bottle. This is really weird though. There are so many mechanical things coming out, like the new wands. Kingsisle, come up with some new material for once! (No, I'm really just kidding. Or, at least I won't be biased because of that.)

So, is the design of the mount good? Well, it's better than most of the other heathen mounts coming out lately. I am not a particular fan out the design of the feather things (the paper) and felt they could have been puffed out a bit more (i.e., made bigger) or some more design on it. It looks rather scrawny and can look awkward at times on my back.

There's not really a con other than the size of the wings for this mount. I think the only downside is the cost of 7,000 Crowns which can really only be purchased for $20 through gift cards which is how I get my crowns. I really wish it was like 5,000 or something, because it's a mount. Most of the time, I'm okay with my Bengal Tiger that I got for free. I'm not that cray-cray.

[I]Do not blame the masses, Gravity Falls. It's only the hype that gets people to cough up $20 to walk faster.[/I]

Biasness aside for cheapness and such, my final grade is:


I was arguing with myself whether to give it a B+ or a B, but instead I got lazy and just separated the two. So, it's sort of like B+ in a half, or something.

I have been procrastinating lately, so for those of you who care, I'm going to review the Farm house, and the hairstyles. (I am so ready to rant on those hairstyles.)

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