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Goal setting and science experiment!

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I know I haven't been on at all. I'm noticing a lack of time in my life right now. Real life seems to have a way doing that... Anyway I'm starting a new thing. So basically I'm struggling with my weight and skin. Nothing seems to work, and I've notice other people with the same problem. Because there are so many lies concerning looks. I've decided to conduct an experiment on myself. I did some research, and created a care manual that should work if my hypothesis is correct. (I'm posting this here because I like this blog.)

Here's how it's going to work.

The entire experiment will take six months to complete.

Each week I'll make a small one line check in on my blog.

Each Month I'll check in with how the experiment is going in more detail.

After six months I will complete the scientific method be concluding and publishing my results.

Here is my Experiment.

My Hypothesis: In six months time, the routine in the manual will give me my desired appearance.

My Experiment/routine:

Skin Care:
Gentile skin cleanser
Blackhead scrub
(Try Glue or Tooth-brush) for Blackheads

Health Cereal and chewy bars.
Packaged salad (Add in parsley)
Health snackss
Fruit packs
Sammich thins
Tuna, cheese PB&J,
Smaller portions.

GYM For an hour to an hour and a half.

Wish me luck! Feel free to comment!

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