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happy memorial day!
even though today is a time to remember those who were lost in service, i hope you all are having a wonderful day so far.
i have to leave for work in about an hour and wanted to get in a lil bloggy blog before i left since i won't be home till later.

some news before i jump into my post.
i've started playing wiz again. i thought that since summer is coming up i can catch up on everything lvl 60 and above (since i don't know anything beyond that) and possibly get back into gaming.
no subs for now, though.
also this week we had our senior assembly in front of the school. thank the lord i didn't pass out from standing in a cramped hallway for an hour. it was so hot. i was graced with the honor of receiving the 'most artistic' senior superlative out of our class of about 450 students. i was really happy about that, so yea.

anywho, today's post is my pinterest picks. i thought it would be fun to do a monthly thing where i pick my favorite pin from each of my boards and share it with you guys. hopefully this will turn out to be more useful than just looking at pictures (as in possible links to tutorials and/or sources of where i got each thing from).
for those of you who don't know what pinterest is, it's a website where you make different 'boards' and 'pin' images to them. some images will lead to tutorials and what not. an example would be if a new homeowner wanted to redo the bathroom in their house then they could make a 'bathroom ideas' board and then pin pictures of bathrooms they like as inspiration. it's a really neat way to organize you're ideas.
some boards i'm probably going to leave out because i don't use them all that often, but for the ones i'm constantly pinning things to.. well yea.
i have 5 boards i pin to on a daily basis: clothes, home decor, anything art related, dorm ideas, and novel ideas.

i suppose for each i'll explain why it caught my eye and how it lead me to form new ideas in my head for possible things i could want.
so if you don't really like creative posts then this probably isn't for you.


i adore every single thing about this. i'm not a big floral person but pair it with some boots, a denim jacket, and a shoulder purse and i'm good to go. i am like a mega boot person (i'm still wearing them even though it's summer) but sadly i haven't been able to find any vintage looking ones that fit.
hopefully i will eventually, though!

home decor

the ideal home. this is it. just replace the car with my yellow mini cooper and i'll be all set. sadly you don't find many homes like this in the united states. never know, hopefully i'll be able to live overseas for a little.
i even asked my mom what she would think if i moved to england.
i take that her non-response means she's ok with it(:


a really pretty studio. i love the huge pieces of paper handing from the wall. and the brick, of course. i love messy studios. the sculpture room in our school is an old science room but i adore it in there. it's like a organized mess. so many things are covered in paint, and you probably breath in clay particles every time you walk in the room, but it's fab. hope i can have something like that one day.

dorm room

garlandddd. this would be so pretty if you had the money to buy fake flowers (theyre so expensive).

novel ideas

my favorite story i have is based on an island. well not based off of one.. it takes place on an island i should say. a mountainous one where you can get lost easily (and hide easily). really love this picture for some reason as well.

so yea, before i have to go i urge anyone with a pinterest to do this if they want to. i'd love to see what some of you guys have on your boards.

have a great week lovelies!

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  1. Astraes's Avatar
    aww, congrats on most artistic lovely(: