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And So the Immaturity Continues...

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You know, playing a lot of MMO games have made me realize how harsh communities can be. That being said, after about a month of not playing wiz101, I logged back on to my lvl 10 storm. I put my rusty pvp skills to the test, taking on a lvl 22 ice wizard. It was a close match to say the least. Ice wyverns and storm sharks flying. After about 15 turns or so of me keeping pace with him, he started whipping out the treasures. First a colossus, then into a stormzilla, shortly followed by the all mighty ice guardian. I ended up victorious in the end though, taking him out with a nice storm elf into storm shark combo.
And of course the first thing I get slapped across my face is not "gg" or "congrats", but; you guessed it, "noob". I asked why, and of course he just ports away. Typical...