tmi sunday?

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a couple months ago i did a tmi tuesday, which was basically a huge questionnaire on things about myself.
and because i'm really bored and home alone i felt like doing another one.
but shorter.
i tried finding one with stuff i haven't talked about before.
so thanks tumblr.

moving on.
some of them i've reworded to be central 'appropriate' since talking about relationships on here is like mega awkward and no one really cares anyways.

1: whats your most prized possession?
as in a material possession.. probably my computer. since i'm one of those people who literally needs to be doing something 24/7 or else i'll go crazy, the internet satisfies those needs.

2: describe yourself in 3 words.
artsy, quiet, and spiritual

3: favourite place you’ve ever traveled?
i've actually only gone out of state a couple times. my family travels quite often but since we have both the beach and the mountains here there's really no need to go anywhere else. out of state i'd probably have to say miami. i was there on a mission trip last summer and being in a big city was just really cool. plus umf is held there.. yea. in-state would probably be biltmore estate. it's so beautiful there.

4: who’s the most important person in your life?
God. if it weren't for him i honestly dunno where i'd be right now.

5: whats your opinion on love at first sight?
i think it could happen. it might be one of those rare fairytale moments that like never happen. but you never know.

6: have you ever been in love?
if you asked me 3 years ago i would've said yes. but since i'm older, no i don't really think i have.

7: describe your best friend.
my best friend is three years younger than me but we've been friends since i was about 10. her family goes to my church so we grew up together. i sorta hated her when i was little because i thought she was annoying, lol. but then one day at swim practice i showed her my rabbit webkinz and we've been like sisters ever since.

8: whats your biggest pet peeve?
i have a lot of those.. either people who walk really slow (curse thee long legs) or people who ask way too many stupid questions. and i don't wanna hear anything about, "but madi, there aren't any stupid questions."
because there are. there are.

9: whats the best compliment you’ve ever received?
this happened recently.. like last week. but we had a nhs induction assembly for the new members and as a senior we had to be there sitting with them. i was helping set up after school and the girl i sat next to was in there when one of her friends asked her who was next to her. she said something about another girl and then was like, "and cassie, the really good artist."
i don't think she realized i was in the room, but that made my day ;-;

10: whats your favorite movie and why?
pirates of the carribean. johnny depp. best thing in the world.

11: describe what being a good friend means to you.
just being there for someone and having their back. being able to open up to someone cause you trust them. and always forgiving them if something happens.

12: is there someone you miss?
everyday. i was extremely close to someone for a couple years but then things just kind of happened. we were such polar opposites that being friends was really hard. i miss him a lot, though.

13: given the chance to go back, what would you redo?
four years ago in january.. right before my birthday i made a really bad mistake. i wish i could go back and tell my 15 year old self how stupid i was being.

14: what do you watch on tv?
house hunters, say yes to the dress, doctor who, duck dynasty, and general hospital.
all random but all lovely shows.

15: describe one thing you are most proud of.
probably the fact that i don't try to swim with a crowd. like i don't wanna fall under peer pressure, ever. and i guess i'm just proud that i've kept it up and decided to 'swim' my own way and just be my own person.

16: explain your ideal day.
oh lord. ok. sometime in the fall. weather is important. sunny outside, preferably in the high 60s. and a light breeze. that's my ideal weather. wake up in the morning, take a shower. look in the mirror and realize, "i look good enough to not wear any makeup today (cept for mascara. lol. my eyelashes are blonde.)". get dressed in a nice baggy shirt and some jeans and hiking boots. pack a bag, call up a group of friends and be like.
then we'd go to the mountains. swim in waterfall ponds and catch frogs. set up a campsite, lay under the stars and watch a really stupid movie on one of those old portable dvd players. then we'd roast marshmallows and play some kind of game. and then we'd fall asleep, exhausted. that'd be a wonderful day.

17: one dream you hope to accomplish.
i have a lot. as of now i'd really love to find the perfect house when i get out of college. i've always wanted to get a little fixer-upper and have my dad help me. i love interior design and architecture, so like.. i love anything house related i just think it's fun. but yea.

18: describe the relationship you have with your family.
i'm probably the closest to my mom. i tell her a lot. but i mean i love my family. me and my brother are kind of awkward cause he's like six years older than i am. my dad and i are the, "lets do yardwork for fun" type relationship. like we do little projects together.

19: if you could wake up tomorrow & do anything, what would it be?
graduate high school without having to take all those tests..

20: where would you love to live?
for a while i thought i might like living in the uk because i feel very british for someone who was born and raised in america. but then i realized i actually do like it here. i mean i'd love to live in the uk for several years but eventually i'd like to move back and settle down in virginia.

21: in your opinion what’s the most important quality in a person?
honesty. i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE when someone just can't be honest about something. i cannot stand when someone keeps something from me and then i end up accidentally finding out about it through someone else. i also hate when they come up with the excuse, "well i didn't wanna hurt/lose you." ugh no.

22: what’s 3 things you couldn’t live without?
my parents, computer, and.. car. lol..

23: name what you consider to be your biggest flaw.
i overreact a lot. i've had a lot of bad experiences and they've sort of made me a pessimist/anxious person. i usually make a big deal out of something that really isn't, and it stinks because most of the time it ends in me being unhappy.

24: describe one of your favourite childhood memories.
the mountain trips i went on a lot when i was little was something i really loved. we would wake up every morning and all the kids would sit around the fire in our dad's fleece and carve sticks with weird designs or into spears.

25: in the past year,would you say you’ve changed as a person?
yea. last year i was a complete wreck. i've gotten a lot better since then and little by little have gotten a bit more social and willing to talk to people.

26: who do you turn to when you need good advice?
my mom. she went through a lot of the same things i have and she always seems like she knows the exact thing to say to make me feel better.

27: whats your biggest fear?
being rejected. not in like a relationship way but just in general. i dunno. it's hard to explain cause it's more of a social problem than like.. a fear of spiders.

28: describe an experience that changed/ had an impact on your life.
i did a thing called outward bound when i was in eighth grade. that was one of the first steps i took to being closer to God.

29: if you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
chris daughtry. his songs just.. gah. he was the first concert i went to. sang every song at the top of my lungs and cried a little bit, lol. i just feel like he's a genuinely nice guy.

30: where do you see yourself in ten years?
hopefully working with some really cool company and living in a renovated warehouse apartment with my dog. after having traveled for several years, of course.

i guess who can say this is a tag.
so i guess i tag kat and erica if ya'll wanna do it.
and anyone else who's like
oooh i wanna answer these.
hope everyone has a good sunday.

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