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Will try and clarify what wizard is working on what so need to list all my wizards.

My 13 wizards names are: Emma LegendHeart (life), Erin DawnCaster (ice), Erin DayBringer (balance), Autumn RoseBlossom (storm), Ellie EmeraldDreamer (death), Paige RosePetal (fire), Erin StarBright (myth), Erin RosePetal (myth level 42), Erin LegendCrafter (life), Erin StormRider (storm), Erin RosePetal (myth level 4), Erin FireRider (fire), and Erin NightSong (death).


Emma is maxing out the guardian dragon for Erin RosePetal level 42 since she only has that one wizard on account. All but strength is maxed it off by 1. Emma is working on getting her talent pool on guardian to be: guardian wall, pierce train , batusi, sharp shot, pain giver, spell proof, spritely, spell defying, fairy friend, unicorn. This will help once I transfer pet to myth to have a nice base pet as well to work with. Will keep hatching with Emma until her dragon is mirrored on myth.

In meantime Erin RosePetal will coninuing maxing the carnation pixie with mc infallible with mocha my base polar cat. If offspring gets mc infallible by adult hatch it again if not rework with current pet. Erin RosePetal level 4 has so both myth's will hatch together. Delete any offspring on baby myth since I don't need another copy of mocha.

Once I have the both pets done on Erin RosePetal level 42 make a guardian dragon with spell proof, spell defying, spritely, fairy friend and mc infallible.


Ellie EmeraldDreamer has a lady bug with spritely, batusi, battery and fairy friend continuing taking to mega and let Miss Scarlet know how it goes.


I do not have one of these at all and thought is was high time I tried to make one. I will be making it maxed stats as usual. Erin NightSong will most likely start it. Will be on a polar bear cub.


The life banshee on Autumn is maxed I just need to figure out 5th talent I want and work on it. Ellie needs to finish maxing the boss banshee and I need to figure out what talents I want as well. So far sprite, proof, defy, fairy and 5th is a ? on both pets.

The red banshee I would like to make a thread for as I max it out and go for 5 talents will most likely be on Erin DawnCaster when I get to it, is on Autumn presently.


Autumn RosBlossom is doing 2 projects at once with this one. Maxing the zebra out and maxing a supportive wildclaw with storm dealer. I want at end a zebra with sprite, proof, defy. fairy, and storm dealer.

Right now working on maxing the zebra. Will max the wildclaw slowly after wards since any offspring will be tossed at adult if they do not manifest storm dealer.


Erin DayBringer is still doing battery hatches from Cat's thread but when done I would like to make a maxed stats quint heal pet on a fine wood golem with her. Maybe I should try the same with red banshee? will think about it very good ideal me

Erin DayBringer and Paige RosePetal and maxing out a pet with pain giver and pain bringer only at adult for when I get ready to make a giver talent set for different schools.


I want to make not sure yet who will work on will get to later.


I still have Erin DawnCaster working on this pet. I have found a huge problem though hatching with the mercs and wonder if other people find the same problem with the maxed stats group thread.

Here it is: I keep hatching and while my pet for the last 12 generations has had all 5 talents in pool to become a merc pet. It gets weird off the wall talents and most mercs cannot tell me talent pool so I am at total loss if mister molly has or them. I am getting selfish talents, death dealer, pain giver, buff minion cards, mana gift.

I wonder if people have same problem with maxed stats. They have a nice pet but so many weird talents throw in its hard to see the light at end of tunnel. Will have to ask Josh aka Compuguru and Daisy aka Crazy Daisy their thoughts and if I should ask to hatch with one merc only for now on. I have been working on this project for about a year and half with zero success.

Erin StarBright I abandoned on a cautious hound project for lots and lots of fails. I am going to try it again. I forget what I was looking for but love maxing out pets so will start there. Probably spell proof, spell defying, fairy friend, ?,?


Erin NightSong, Erin LegendCrafter, Erin StormRider, Erin FireRider I use for maxed stats hatches when I find a person who fits my time schedule asking on the thread just in case anyone wonders why they are not used more. They are level 12 and below and I don't care if I lose energy on them the others I do care.

When working on projects since they are high level or not babies in my opinion with lots of energy. I work on my magnificent 8 named: Emma LegendHeart (80), Erin DawnCaster (80), Ellie EmeraldDreamer (80), Paige RosePetal (33), Erin StarBright (70), Erin DayBringer (80), Autumn RoseBlossom (70) and Erin RosePetal (42). They all have gardens as well so even though I have lots of energy they still can't level pets too fast. Erin StormRider and Erin LegendCrafter can garden as well but I am choosing not to at this point garden with them. I did not set foot in azteca yet on account of still leveling myth's, storm and fire to get to azteca and then the magnificent 8 will try that world out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixpence
    So many things going on. How do you keep up with them lol. If you need any ward pets I have a few at mega and still working on some projects. Let me know and have a great day.
    I am probably the slowest ever when on a pet project since I do so many projects at once. Takes me about 6 months and will probably have 3 or 4 projects done by then and many more swirling in my head.