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[CENTER]Slow and steady wins the race!
[I]Lack of inspiration, the picture can talk for me.[/I]

Reviewing today... the Slowpoke Sloth! Get ready for cute undefined!


The Slowpoke Sloth is the new mount that came a few days ago as part of Kingsisle's April Fools addition. Thank god this wasn't anything mineral related. If this was a rock named the Rickrolling Stone, I would run to Texas and slap the developers straight across the face.

Luckily, this isn't the case, and they released a mount. I have to say, I love the mount. It's hardcore adorable and for what it's intended to be, it's a very funny move by Kingsisle and I like how I can give something a high rating! Lately this blog has been nothing but depression and failures.
[I]Another lack of inspiration. Not great pictures today.
What's my opinion on the Sloth? Well, personally, I think it's a hilarious little addition from Kingsisle. The Pet Rock was funny at first, but it wasn't great. It was a rock that walked with you, and personally I like the Pet Egg better as one of those joke like things. The Sloth was really a simple, but cool idea.

What the Sloth does, is instead of boosting your speed by +40%, it subtracts it by -40% making yourself an incredibly slow little wizard. Naturally, they would use a Sloth which had built a reputation for being a slow animal.

It costed 1,750 Crowns meaning it costs less than $5, maybe about $3. It's really rather cheap, cheaper than the pebble they tried to sell to me. I guess it is less practical, but I bought it.

Practically, the Sloth is something I won't use unless I'm in a party or something. Mostly because, well, it slows you down. I'm not gonna quest with it, but it's not mean to be quested with, it was their April Fools joke and I actually sort of dug it.


You know what would boost this grade up? If after the sales are finished they actually made it like a normal mount speed, because I really love the look of the mount, so if I were able to quest with it, I would run to Texas myself, and instead of slapping them, I'd kiss all the workers individually.

(Just kidding... hehheh. Uhh...)

Here are some pictures of the sloth to close this review.

[IMG][/IMG] [I]A little side action.

[/I] [IMG][/IMG] [I]Dat face...

[/I] [IMG][/IMG] [I]And a random picture of his bum[/I].

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