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Just Try Before Reacting

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I posted this on a thread, but thought I would share it here.

The one thing that would make things more constructive, is if things were tested before posted about how it is going to effect something in a negative way. The test realm was open for mere minutes before the threads started flying around about how a part of the update was going to ruin something. When we read something it can sound great or horrible, but we will never know the true effects of it until we have tested it. Everything is in test, so people can give feedback on something. Before anyone jumps to conclusions about how something is going to ruin something, at least give it a try. If you are not fully satisfied after that, by all means leave your feedback and hope something gets fixed at that point. Flying off the handle before even trying it yourself (not reading or hearing about it second hand) is not fair to anyone, including yourself. We are all creatures of habit, and for many people change is hard, but you might find something is far better then you first thought it would be by just trying it.

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