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I am disappoint, Kingsisle. Very disappoint.
[I]Even this girl can understand my moments of frustration that I am feeling right now. [/I]

The Dragonís Hoard, uh, I mean the Wyvern, uh no, the Keeperís Lore, wait, no, I got it; [I]Shamanís[/I] Lore Pack is a new (hardly) hoard pack that came out. Iíll be giving you my first impressions of the pack, mostly because Iím not bothering doing a huge review. You know the drill. It consists of a hoard pack with gear with bad stats except the wands, an awesome pet, and three epic items that arenít worth getting. How original.

But seriously, first, I want to ask Kingsisle what they were thinking when they designed this gear. It looksÖ awful! Gear is becoming more hideous by the minute. Why, oh why, would I want to wear a hat with a lion biting at my head ready to swallow me and my brain cells? The gear isnít ever even that good. Iím not replacing my gear with a loss of critical block, oh please. Kingsisle, at least make gear that is stitchable. This gear just looks like a lion that threw up against my body. EwwÖ I made an image in my head.

Itís the same deal with the pet too. The pet looks like something to die for. But I am not going to waste thousands of crowns just to find it. Iíd rather hatch with someone for a chance to win it so I can get the pet for free.

[I]Seriously guysÖ lets be smart here, huh?[/I]

Letís talk about our jackpot. Like the other Lore packs, the jackpot is three spells that you can craft, or attempt to buy from these hoard packs. I donít see why people buy the packs for these spells, just to have it? Understandable for a Wizard101 collector, but if you really are a hardcore Wizard101 collector, I would have rather just worked hard and crafted it. The spells arenít like anything overpowered. Itís just a rank 4 or 5 spell with lower than usual damage.

The rest of the hoard pack is typical hoard pack crap. Reagents, housing items, and pet snacks that drive some people to hate hoard packs because of the gambling overtones. I understand it, but by definition itís not gambling. Oh, but Iím not saying that it isnít cheap. Itís cheap to the max. And there needs to be some sort of compensation for when someone wastes 100,000 crowns on a single hoard pack and not get the jackpot. Iím paying for you Kingsisle. I think a solution could be every 10,000 crowns spent, you automatically get a few items that are Ultra-Rare. I could care less if it was Epic, since must hoard packs have a mount jackpot. Did you know that you can quickly buy Bengal Tigers by farming Halfang? I bet if I tried real hard I could earn an expensive mount every hour.

[I]Government to how their money is to the Wizard101 community and how they spend their money. OMG, that was such a creative analogy.[/I]

Overall, itís just another useless hoard pack guys. Letís move on.


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