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What is a Blog?

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A blog is something to express yourself, something to vent on, something to believe in.
I had even barely remember that i had a blog before on this site. i guess since im a sort of on-off wiz101 player i dont spend much time looking at things related to it. I even remember back to the MiltonTS days. Haha yeah, him getting mad at me for making my posts not all wiz101 related. Oh yeah the days of the blog moderator. Those were good times (besides the 1 year blog renewal).
I didnt know quite what i was looking for in the Central Shop this evening but i just ended clicking blog for some unknown reason O.o. I didnt know it would save all of my old posts.
Well this was a weird post. I cant guarantee that i will post on here much but i will do so. Maybe not always about wiz101 but i will try to add some tidbits of my adventures through the spiral when i see fit. Ive grow a lot from my last posts (maturity and physically wise). And i hope to make this blog somewhat as enjoyable as it once was