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Pancake Review #24: Azteca

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[U] Pancake Review #24: Azteca[/U]
After completely finishing Azteca, I, Captain Pancakes, will unveil my complete thoughts about this very complicated world. Let us discuss, shall we?
Now, what I thought about this world was incredibly mixed. I know this was supposed to be a huge increase in challenge. I didnít like the sudden boost in difficulty. Avalon was manageable; completely solo-able. Avalon had a decent mix of difficulty but it was still manageable as Wizard101 is a family orientated game. Wizard101 is not supposed to be a huge challenge that takes long and can get frustrating at times. Azteca in my opinion was a mixture of fire and flames. I walked out remembering all the mobs that were on stimulants.
I am definitely sure that Azteca could have been better than it was. The questline however was INCREDIBLY dull and repetitive, which mixed in with the harder mobs (on stimulants), it crosses a borderline between difficult and downright repetitive. Some people liked Azteca walking in and taking it like a challenge. I walked out of it remembering all the flowers I collected to make unnecessary medicine. How about we pick some flowers next time from the wonderful Aztecian grass instead of fighting 6,000 health mobs twelve times for one stem? That would work! All flowers looked the same anyways.
The world design was great though. It didnít feel prehistoric to me, to be honest. I imagine prehistoric as buildings made out of rocks and caves and rubble, and while they were here, it wasnít designed as a prehistoric world. It was instead themed similarily to Skull Island over at Pirate101. Not too similar, but it has a familiar essence of the strategy MMORPG.
The music for this world seemed uninspired for me here. Zafaria had decent music at least, even though that was probably one of the most repetitive worlds. (This was the most to me, but whatevs.) The battle music was boring unlike almost every other world where I can probably hum the music by memory, I canít sing a single note here by memory without hunting down a Youtube video containing the score.
Let me rant about Kingsisleís role in this world now. Kingsisle, I will scream myself in your face, but you are just going Geico on us. Why couldnít you wait to release Azteca after one day? (Exaggeration, for those more literal people.) If I had $5 for every glitch that wasnít fixed because you were too money hungry to release this world, without letting it be properly tested, Iíd have more money than the president. (Exaggeration again. Itís used as a form of figurative speech to stress something.) I suppose it wasnít bad. Some people got $50 worth of stuff because Kingsisle couldnít just wait, so, on that note, Kingsisle! Donít even put your next world in test! I want $50 too! ^^
I have a review up for the individual spells that came with Azteca, if you are curious about thatÖ
Let us talk about Xibalba, the final dungeon. Well thank you lord that it wasnít just some run of the mill boring mob fest like it was in Zafaria and Avalon. It was a really interesting dungeon. It wasnít TOO repetitive compared to most other things. It might have been my brain being so relieved I was one step closer in kicking Azteca out of my house. The bosses were pretty unique, though I thought the Malistaire cheat was a little uninspired.
*Spoilers below*
Now, let me discuss my opinion on Malistaire being the final boss in Azteca. I didnít think it was completely thought out well. This is for one reason. Malistaireís whole intention was to bring his wife Sylvia back, why would he hate the wizard? If Malistaire truly died like intended, he would be singing children showtunes with his wife. I hope Kingsisle can explain this cause I donít find it to make much sense.
Another controversial thing about Azteca was the ending. This may sound incredibly mean spirited, but sometimes I look at the sky and realize that Xibalba isnít deadly and when we finish and defeat Morganthe we will still be allowed to enter Azteca and find the Aztecians basically living their lives. Why they donít escape, is beyond me. (Okay, that was mean, Iím sorry.) I do like how Kingsisle took a more darker approach to a worldís ending. It felt more theatrical, and I praise Kingsisle for the ending.
Anyways, that was my review on Azteca. Post your opinions.
Grade: C-/D+ (canít decide.)

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