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I've been around here since the very beginning. We're talking before Dragonspyre came out, and name changes costed 50 forum gold. It's been literally years since I've played the game, but I stick around the forums in hope that a few friends of mine will pop in one day and tell me how their lives are going. Since I've been around so long, I've noticed quite a few noticeable differences in the forums from 2009, 2010, 2011 and now. I thought you guys might want to contemplate and possibly discuss some differences between the past and the present with me.

First of all, the members have really changed. It's been a long time since I've talked to most of my friends of old, because all of them are either inactive or banned. By some miracle, Scout came out of literally nowhere and added me on ***** a few months ago, but she's the only one I talk to regularly. Crimson Wolf is internet dead and I think Danbo is out there somewhere. That's what's become of them. (I'm sorry to say this, but I never knew TheEvanCat. I heard he was a great man... remember we all make mistakes. He was before my time.)

Dare I say this, but the "in-crowd" has really changed too. Back in the day, the popular clique was a group of rough-and-tumble trolls who didn't care for much of anything; me included. We were quite young at the time, so none of us can really be blamed for our actions. Now though, the popular clique is much more sophisticated and dare I say smarter. The Off-Topic is much more barren than it was back in 2010 and 2011, and the blog section seems to be pretty darn active if I do say so myself.

The Graphics section also has had some changes as the artists are much different. Some artists that I remember are the sisters Windlilly and Leafeon, Muscle Car, and Blake. (who's shop always seemed to be crazy active) Autumn Ice is still at it, so kudos to her. As far as today's artists go, Animosity and Lucario seem to be very talented, and I'm sure that there are more fantastic artists out there taking orders. The art has definitely evolved with the times, such as different styles popping up here and there. Back in my day, everything was transparent and nobody had even heard of text signatures.

I never really roleplayed so I can't say much about it, but if Random Cake Theory and Hermoine are still out there, things will go just fine. Also, the only story I read was Sierra Winterbreeze which is definitely a classic. I wonder if Windlilly ever finished that.

Naturally, all the moderators are different too. From TMilton to StoryBlood to Johnny, we've really had some good ones. It looks as if Olivia has gotten a name change, but she'll always Olivia to me. Jester seems to be holding up pretty well, so a special shoutout to the staff for keeping the train rolling. Also, I'd like to thank J&O for unbanning me from my permanent ban that one day. That was really awesome. :)

That's all I have for today, but we'll see where the wind takes me. I'll be around, lurking, as always. Waiting for some friends of mine to pop by and say hi, because they've got to eventually. The future certainly looks bright for you guys here. You've got a nice thing going.

I leave you with the greatest thread in forum history... [URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?153415-The-what-s-for-breakfast-thread"]TheEvanCat's "What's for Breakfast?" thread.[/URL]

Until next time, see ya.

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