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W101Central has been the host of many contests throughout the years. There have been many prizes awarded and many good times have been had. Recently it seems that there has been a lack of interest in the recent contests. Now what I would like to know, is it the prizes that have not held your interest? Or is it the types of contests? If it is the latter, what kind of contests would you like to see in the future? What kinds of contests that have been run in the past have you enjoyed? Really looking forward to the feedback from our community.

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  1. ~Sonny~'s Avatar
    Hi! (I guess I shall post here! Please excuse the typos, I'm on my iPod at the moment)
    Well, I have always really liked doing the "create something not-on-the-computer contests" if that makes sense, such as the decorate a pumpkin and pet costume in October. I personally don't play wizards anymore, so I like to participate for fun! Though I think usually the bigger the prizes and the amount of time an effort thats needed for an entry might impact peoples decision to whether they would want to participate or not, such as the raffle is a simple click of a button and then other contests require you to do something. I like the contests where you can be creative and there aren't a lot of limits, like how the caption contest this time was a bit different. I hope that made sense!
  2. Sylvanas's Avatar
    I personally would like to see a drawing/digital drawing competition, instead of graphics and drawing combined into one.

    It is possible more people would like to see crown prizes, rather than in game items, because then it can be used in both games, for those who have perhaps quit Wizard101.