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favorites of the month ღ january

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the first month of the new year is finally coming to an end.
this month for me was a lot more about relaxing and finding new things that i like rather than going out and buying stuff (which are often things i feature in fotm)

so lets begin!

probably the one thing i've been obsessing over since the end of december till now has been the one and only
doctor who

i was told by a website to start at season 5. so that's what i did. i've finished seasons 5, 6, 7, and 1 so far. i'm just a couple episodes in on the second season. i already have two shirts xD one with a tardis and one that says "bow ties are cool" with a lil bow tie at the top.
so much fangirling.

my second obsession is something i've been waiting for since october.
nhl 2013 season

normal hockey season starts early october but sadly this year we had a lockout because the players were demanding more money from the profits they make on games. so after months of debating, they finally came to terms and the season started on the 19th. so far i've watched all the games on tv and went to the bruins vs. hurricanes game last night to root on my home team <3

perks of being a wallflower

i saw this finally. i wanted to see it in theaters but i suppose i just never got around to it. it's a great story and i think logan was absolutely amazing in this. 2 thumbs up from me!

favorite youtuber of the month

i honestly don't really know how i found this guy. but mitchell is absolutely hilarious. he sorta reminds me of me when i get really weird because i'm tired and it's 11:11 at night.
make a wish.

my head is an animal - of monsters and men album

pure genius right here.

favorite song of the month
on top of the world - imagine dragons

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